How to prevent myopia

myopia is actually a common symptom of eyes. If you don’t pay attention to protecting your eyes in daily life, it will lead to myopia or aging. Therefore, you should pay attention to it in daily life, Then let’s take a look at how to prevent the symptoms of myopia in our daily life. Let’s have a look.

how to prevent myopia

to prevent myopia, we should pay attention to personal living habits in daily life. When reading and writing, don’t keep your eyes too close to the book, and pay attention not to lie in the car or read in bed, which will lead to myopia, In daily life, you should pay attention to the time of using your eyes. In daily life, it is not recommended to look at the computer or mobile phone for a long time. In daily life, you can usually rest for a period of time after an interval of about 40 minutes, see some green plants to help the environment of eye fatigue, eat more green food, eat some carrots Tomatoes and corn can help us maintain our eyesight, and if we supplement more eyesight vitamins in our daily life, it also has a good maintenance effect on our health, so we need to pay attention to them in our daily life.

for the prevention of myopia, in daily life, you can carry out appropriate prevention according to your personal situation and problems. You should pay attention to your eye use time, reduce eye fatigue, and often eat some food materials that protect your eyes, which can well protect your eyes.

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