How to prevent presbyopia with diet therapy in traditional Chinese Medicine

Abstract: Traditional Chinese medicine believes that presbyopia is caused by kidney water loss and lack of essence and blood. So first of all, it can be treated by tonic. Presbyopia elderly people can eat more black beans and black sesame, medlar, chrysanthemum and other soup or porridge.

We all know that traditional Chinese medicine is still “old”. Why? Because old Chinese medicine has rich experience, it is more accurate to diagnose diseases. Perhaps you will ask the old Chinese medicine, are you old, do you have no flowers in your eyes and no deafness in your ears? It’s because they have their own set of health preservation methods. Let’s take a look at how old traditional Chinese medicine can prevent presbyopia.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that presbyopia is caused by kidney water loss and insufficient blood essence. So first of all, it can be treated by tonic. Presbyopia elderly people can eat more black beans and black sesame, medlar, chrysanthemum and other soup or porridge. Also pay attention to eat more foods rich in vitamin A and B. Such as pig liver and other animal viscera, bean products, eggs, green leafy vegetables, carrots, pumpkins, walnuts, litchi, etc.

In addition, hot compress can also be used to prevent presbyopia. First fold the special towel into double folds, soak it in hot water, take it out and dry it, dissipate the heat slightly, subject to not burning, and put it on your eyes. Then open your eyes and let the heat act directly on your eyes. After the temperature of the towel is reduced, soak it in water and then screw it dry and apply it on the eyes. Do this repeatedly for 3 times. After application, massage the corners of the eyes, eyeballs, orbits and temples.

At this time, the elderly can feel their eyes moist, fresh and clear. If you can persist for a long time, the effect will be better. For example, when you wash your face every morning and evening, you can dip the washcloth in hot water and take it out, but don’t screw it too dry, then fold it immediately and cover your forehead and eyes while it is hot. Raise your head slightly and close your eyes gently for about 1 minute. In this way, if you persist for half a year, the phenomenon of dazzle in the elderly can be significantly improved. In terms of

Sports, the elderly who are dazzled can do more local massage and hot compress. The specific method of local massage is to press the Jingming point on the inner corner of the eye with the index finger of both hands. About half a minute each time, take local skin flushing, fever and slight acid swelling as the degree. Then massage the zanzhu acupoints on both sides (where eyebrows wrinkle) with the back of both thumbs for 1 minute each time, once in the morning and once in the evening.


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