How to Protect vision for office workers?

Blinking can promote the secretion of tears, relieve the discomfort such as dry eyes, and more blinking is beneficial for office workers to protect their eyes

1.Open your eyes when you are relaxed, and do not let your eyes fall on any target. Then close your eyes tightly, hold for 2-3 seconds, and suddenly open your eyes, hold for 2-3 seconds

How to Protect vision for office workers?

2.Looking at the distance can relax the eyeball and relieve eyesight fatigue. office workers should rest their eyes for 15 minutes every hour

3.It’s good for the eyes to see more green, which can relax the visual nerve and reduce eye fatigue

4.Watch birds, kites and other moving objects, exercise the eye muscles, promote blood circulation around the eyes, and eliminate eye fatigue workers often drink eye tea to protect their eyes. Chrysanthemum calms the liver and brightens the eyes; wolfberry fruit brightens the eyes and benefits the liver and kidney; cassia seed clears the heat and brightens the eyes, calms the liver qi and benefits the muscles and bones.

6.It can adjust the position of tables and chairs to ensure proper light exposure

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