How to regulate eye injury with diet

Abstract: ocular trauma refers to the injury of eyeball and its accessory organs. According to the nature of the injury, it can be divided into mechanical eye injury and non mechanical eye injury. For example, fist injury, scissor needle puncture injury, firecracker explosion injury, etc. belong to mechanical eye injury, while the burns of chemical substances such as acid and alkali and welding arc light belong to non mechanical eye injury., Food conditioning for eye trauma, Diet conditioning of

eye trauma

Tongluo Huoyu Decoction [composition] 12 grams of Angelica sinensis and red peony, 9 grams of peach kernel, safflower and Salvia miltiorrhiza, 15 grams of Sumu and Celosia seed and 9 grams of chrysanthemum. [usage] decoct in water, 1 dose a day, twice a day. [function] Tongluo Huoyu decoction 【 indications 】 traumatic corneal endothelium hemochromatosis. [curative effect 】 several cases were treated with slight addition and subtraction, and all were cured. Huoluo Mingmu drink [source] Qi Qiang, Qianjia Miao recipe · Xia [composition] 9 grams of Shengdi, red peony, chuanxiong and raw dandelion, 12 grams of Angelica sinensis and Weizi, 6 grams of Scutellaria baicalensis and fried Gardenia jasminoides [usage] decoct in water, 1 dose a day, 2 times a day. [function] activate blood circulation, remove blood stasis, guide blood to meridian. [indications] vitreous hemorrhage after ocular trauma complicated with cataract. [curative effect] repeated use and multiple effects.