How to reverse myopia naturally?

The key to myopia reversal: the axial length of the eye is bidirectional

How to reverse myopia naturally

This is a core issue. The eye is a stimulus response machine. Myopia is a refractive condition, not a defect, disease, or “mistake.”. The axial variation is bidirectional. The refractive state changes with input. This change is caused by the use of lenses. This is the basis of reversing myopia.

5 steps to reverse myopia

The first step is to learn the right knowledge.

This knowledge is based on science, not the old knowledge hundreds of years ago. For example, the Bates method used in many products on the market, in that era, even the anatomical structure of the eyes was not clear, we can imagine the effect.

Step 2 learn to focus actively

Step 2 learn to focus actively

Active focus is the ability to see objects a little distance away from a distant point, objects are slightly fuzzy, and eyes can see this kind of fuzzy ability. After learning to focus actively, I learned the most basic way to reverse myopia. Everyone has different time. Some people can master it in a few minutes. Some people don’t know how to do it for a month or two.

The third step is to form correct eye use habits

to form correct eye use habits

Find out the risk factors of myopia for everyone, control these risk factors, such as uncontrollable factors such as genetics, we don’t need to pay attention to them, such as light, close-up objects, time to use mobile phones, tablet computers, etc., which are the factors we can intervene. For children to do homework such as myopia factors, you can use low myopia or farsightedness mirror to reduce the stimulation of the eyes caused by homework, so that the near to the far to reduce the bad stimulation of the eyes.

Step 4 reduction of glasses for high myopia

Moderate myopia is 300-600 degrees and high myopia is 600 pairs. In the process of reversal of high myopia, after mastering the method and entering into the state, it generally falls faster. The range of glasses drop degree will be changed according to the individual’s specific situation. Make eye vision files, make daily far point records, and find out which factors have the greatest impact on your vision every day.

Step 5 reduction of low myopia glasses

Low myopia is below 300 degrees. If it comes down from the height, it has mastered the method of reversing myopia, and has formed the right habit. In general, it doesn’t even feel very good. Every three or four months, it will get an average reduction of 25 degrees. If it doesn’t reach this speed, it’s generally done wrong in some places.

The prevention and control of myopia and the reversal of myopia belong to the category of health management. It is necessary to change behavior and form habits. Changing behavior is a complex process, which requires efforts from determination, attitude, self-efficacy, methods, incentives and other aspects, so as to achieve better results. Participating in myopia reversal group is a way to create a high-quality small environment, which is more conducive to the improvement of your vision.

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