How to reverse myopia without surgery?

“The eagle claw skill is mainly based on the emperor’s Internal Classic and bionics. As we all know, the most important thing for an eagle in the process of hunting is to find its prey with its keen eyes. Therefore, eye training in Eagle Claw skill is a very important part of the whole Kung Fu. “

Best cure for myopia naturally

Yin said that over the years, he often went to schools and communities to promote, and there were countless successful examples. “Five six Baidu myopic people, after practicing, basically do not decline; those one or two Baidu, soon can get better.”

Yan Zuyan himself is so old, still hearing and seeing. “If you want to have good eyes, you should not only practice your movements, but also use your eyes reasonably and eat more vegetables and carrots.”

reversing myopia naturally

“Eagles have very good eyesight, and the most important thing they can do in flying is to use sharp eyes to find prey. So Eagle Claw skill stresses “eyes, hands, heart, mind, mind, legs fast.” Among them, “quick eyes” ranked first.

Is this set of “Eagle Claw beneficial visual exercises” difficult to learn? Teacher Yan said that the whole set of exercises is only eight knots, and the movements are very simple. No matter whether you have martial arts foundation or not, it takes only forty minutes to learn.

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