How to treat myopia in ancient times?

In modern times, the proportion of nearsighted people is higher, at the same time, nearsighted people are more and more young. It’s understandable that most of them are caused by overuse of computers and mobile phones. And in ancient times, can ancients suffer from myopia? In order to prevent myopia, what methods did the ancients have?

How to treat myopia in ancient times?

From the historical records, there are a large number of cases and treatment methods related to myopia recorded in ancient China, with high reference value, so we take China as an example.

In fact, the proportion of people suffering from myopia in ancient times is far smaller than that in modern times, because most people in ancient times didn’t read books, farm worked at home all day, men tilling the farm and womenweaving, and the way of life was very healthy, and those who were short-sighted actually accounted in the minority; but for those who wanted to scholarly honour or official rank, they would inevitably suffer from myopia if they read at night stir the wick every day.

For example, Ouyang Xiu, a famous literary giant in the Song Dynasty, was a nearsighted man. It is recorded in ye mengde’s book “Yan Yu in stone forest” in Song Dynasty that “Ouyang Wenzhong is short-sighted and often has difficulty in reading, but only makes people read and listen.” It can be seen that even literary masters are affected by shortsightedness. However, they are masters after all. They can acquire knowledge by listening to books.

nearsightedness in ancient times

So in ancient times got myopia how to do?

In ancient times, there were not many cases of nearsightedness, but it was also named as “near and timid and far sightedness”. The symptom was that both eyes were as usual, the far sightedness was unclear, and the near sightedness was clearly visible.

Before the Ming and Qing Dynasties, people had not invented glasses. At that time, myopia could only be adjusted by traditional Chinese medicine. In compendium of Materia Medica, there are many kinds of medicinal materials with bright eyes, such as peony, raspberry, turnip and so on.

Compendium of Materia Medica to treat myopia

There is also a very local way is to use wolfberry oil to light the lamp and make it into a wolfberry lamp. This kind of light is bright for readers to read at night without hurting their eyes. As recorded in the miscellaneous notes of Zhiya hall, “wolfberry can squeeze oil to light the lamp and benefit the eyes.” But the cost is also very high, the craft is complex, only the rich people can consume it, it can be said that it is the treatment method of local tyrants.

“Compendium of Materia Medica · Ge Pu” records: “Shichangpu puts a pot on the table, and reading books at night will not cause harm to the eyes.” This is a typical method of protecting the eyes.

Iris anti-myopia

The ancients were short-sighted and did not have glasses at the time. What are the unique treatments?

Ancient myopia is basically natural myopia, with less damage and easier recovery. Now students have to learn more than a dozen courses, plus extracurricular courses, many of which are twenty or thirty. In ancient times, there were no tall buildings. When you walked out of the house, your eyes were wide, you can look at treatments, exercise eye muscles, and mild myopia Can slowly recover. The ancient ecological environment has not been destroyed, and the trees are shaded. Myopia people often look at the green leaves and green grass and lie under the clear blue sky. They are in a happy mood, and their vision will naturally recover.

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