if i stop wearing glasses will my eyesight improve?

If you have myopia, you will not recover to healthy vision without glasses. Only if you do some vision exercises can you recover to normal vision.

if i stop wearing glasses will my eyesight improve?

Those below 200 degrees can wear glasses at a certain time (in class, etc.) without affecting their lives. But for people above 200 degrees, if they just wear their eyes in reading, work and other situations, they don’t know, they will be clear for a while, and they will be blurred for a while, which will easily hurt their eyes, bring more burden to their eyes, and even increase the degree of their eyes. So for people who have high myopia, glasses are really an important tool for them. The right glasses help your eyes see the world easily. Wear them well.

Some nearsighted people try to remove their glasses for a period of time and find that their eyesight seems to have improved, so they come to the conclusion that their eyesight will recover without glasses. In fact, it is wrong. We need to know the concept of naked eye vision.

naked eye vision.

Naked eye vision refers to the vision that can be seen without glasses. It is affected by many factors. Two people who are also nearsighted by 300 degrees may have different naked eyesight. The one who does not wear glasses everyday may have better naked eyesight. Because your brain can gradually adapt to blurred images and force itself to improve image processing ability, it makes you feel “vision” improved, but in fact, you are still 300 degree myopia.

Don’t you think it’s great to see better with naked eyes? In fact, after removing the auxiliary tool of glasses, your naked eyes need to use adjustment constantly in order to see clearly, which is more likely to lead to visual fatigue. The so-called “improvement” you think is that the eyes are bearing the “unbearable weight”.

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