If myopia is not treated for a long time, the consequences are very serious

Abstract: due to the liquefaction of vitreous body in the eye and the reduction of eye elasticity, high myopia can produce floating objects in the vitreous, that is, “vitreous turbidity”, and there are black shadows floating in front of eyes, such as dot, cobweb, filamentous and so on, commonly known as “flying mosquito disease”.

children are short-sighted. Their parents don’t take it to heart and think it doesn’t matter. Myopia doesn’t need treatment. This view is wrong! What consequence can myopia appear without treatment?

  1. Eye fatigue


due to unclear vision, enhanced eye regulation, and excessive tension of eye muscles for a long time, it is easy to cause eye fatigue. There may be eye swelling, eye pain, orbital pain, dizziness, nausea and other symptoms.

  2. A series of complications

(1) strabismus

After myopia, due to the less use of adjustment and more use of collective function, the imbalance of adjustment and collective function is caused, and the internal rectus muscle is in an excessive tension state for a long time. Over time, the internal rectus muscle function is insufficient, and the collective function of both eyes is weakened accordingly, so it is very easy to cause exophoria or exotropia.

(2) macular hemorrhage and degeneration

degenerative myopia can cause macular hemorrhage, atrophy and degeneration of retina and choroid due to fundus lesions, which seriously affects vision.

(3) retinal detachment

For high myopia, due to the elongation of the eye axis and the liquefaction and degeneration of the vitreous, the fiber cords in the vitreous can adhere to the retina and pull the retina. When the eyeball is impacted by external forces or trauma, it can cause retinal rupture and retinal detachment. Retinal detachment is the most serious complication of high myopia, and the visual acuity is extremely reduced. If it is not treated in time, Can cause blindness.

(4) flying mosquito disease

flying mosquito disease: due to the liquefaction of the vitreous in the eye, the elasticity of the eyeball is reduced, which can produce floating objects in the vitreous, i.e. “vitreous turbidity”, and black shadows such as dot, arachnoid and filamentous float in front of the eyes, commonly known as “flying mosquito disease” Ding Lifeng, an optometry expert of Henan Chengxiang optometry Technology Co., Ltd., reminded: once a child is found to have signs of myopia, take the child to a regular optometry center or vision rehabilitation center for examination, and wear myopia prevention and control glasses when wearing glasses. Because of long-time close eye use and high-intensity eye use, the continuous contraction of ciliary muscle will lead to increased collection and visual fatigue. The degree of myopia will continue to increase year by year, increasing by about 100 degrees every year. Students are worried and parents are helpless. It is urgent to control and delay the further development of myopia!

to control the further development of myopia, we should wear myopia prevention and control glasses as soon as possible.


myopia prevention and control lenses combine telescopic therapy and fog therapy to change the regulation and collection of intraocular and extraocular muscles, regulate physiological functions, activate eye functions, exercise eyes in time, reduce the increase of collection and slow down the abnormal growth of ocular axis, so as to slow down, control and prevent the occurrence and development of myopia.

furthermore, when a child is found to have adjustment function and binocular visual dysfunction in professional optometry, reasonable visual training should be carried out under the guidance of a doctor to help the child restore normal adjustment and binocular visual function, so as to delay the development of myopia.