If you have bad eyesight can it improve?

The answer can be improved, but we need to pay attention to exercise methods.

If you have bad eyesight can it improve?

One of the most important points about myopia prevention is often forgotten, that is, exercise. The cause of myopia is mostly due to inactivity. Exercise can effectively relax the eye muscles. In various prevention programs of myopia, the ultimate goal is to improve the tension of the ciliary muscles, make them relax and contract freely, and make the extraocular muscles move continuously, promote the blood circulation of the eye tissues, and eliminate eye fatigue.

Compared with a variety of slightly complex programs that need technical or material input, participation in outdoor sports and sports is undoubtedly the simplest and best program. Since long-term overuse of the eyes is the primary factor leading to myopia of students, we should let the eyes have a full “rest”, but this is not only a closed eye rest, but also let the ciliary muscles in a completely relaxed state, so that the eyes do not need to be too tense. For us, moderate sports is also a very healthy and active way of rest, no matter for other parts of the body or eyes.

Research shows that in some large ball games with wide field of vision, ciliary muscle is in a state of complete relaxation, which plays an irreplaceable role in relieving the fatigue of eye muscles. But in some small ball sports, such as fast speed, because the eyeball keeps adjusting and moving from far to near, up and down, the muscles that control the eyeball movement can be fully activated, and the ciliary muscle can be continuously contracted and relaxed, which will effectively improve the ciliary muscle fatigue caused by short distance work.

When the human body is outdoors, the eyes will automatically adjust to see things at different distances, and use the eyes alternately from far to near, so that the ciliary muscles of the eyes can be adjusted without fatigue. It has been confirmed by research data that children who have outdoor activities for more than 3 hours a day have a significantly lower risk of myopia.

Of course, it is worth mentioning that sports can improve the physical quality of young children and promote good development of the body, improve reasonable and balanced nutrition intake of the body, which can also promote the development of young people’s eyes, improve eye function, and restore visual fatigue.

In outdoor sports, green plants and bright sunshine can speed up the supply of nutrients and oxygen for the eyeball, eye muscles and optic nerve, effectively alleviate eye fatigue, and play a great role in preventing myopia and improving vision.

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