“Ignorant” parents make children 800 degrees myopia

Abstract: in today’s society, the myopia rate of students is higher and higher, and different parents have different choices. However, parents’ choices will directly change children’s life. Let’s look at the types of parents who face myopia.

we know that in the early stage of a cold, drinking a bowl of ginger soup can treat a cold. If it is more serious, you need to take medicine. If you delay the treatment of a cold, it will aggravate the difficulty of treatment. You must cooperate with injections, and even cause complications such as pneumonia.

myopia is the same reason. In early pseudomyopia, it can be completely recovered through active treatment. After moderate myopia, more professional treatment is needed to reduce the degree or control the degree from developing. Once high myopia is formed, complications such as macular disease and retinal hole will appear in the fundus. This kind of fundus disease can not be treated, Severe cases can even lead to blindness.

in today’s society, the myopia rate of students is higher and higher. Different parents have different choices. However, parents’ choices will directly change children’s life. Let’s take a look at the types of parents who face myopia:

blindly choose

children are very anxious after myopia, but they know nothing about myopia treatment. They blindly choose to buy various instruments or massage training. They spend a lot of money, and their best treatment period is delayed. Finally, they give up treatment because of poor results, Such parents have lost confidence in treatment and buried the seeds of incurable myopia in their hearts. However, they do not know that myopia and high myopia are actually two diseases. It is equally important to control the development of myopia. Under their wrong understanding, the pain caused by myopia and high myopia will accompany children all their life.

choose hospital type

many parents first think of going to the hospital for ophthalmology when their children are just short-sighted, but when they arrive at the hospital, doctors often tell that myopia cannot be treated and can only be equipped with a pair of myopia glasses. As everyone knows, ophthalmology is divided into two categories, one is eye disease, the other is optometry, and myopia belongs to optometry. At present, ophthalmology in Chinese hospitals mainly focuses on the treatment of eye diseases, such as cataract and glaucoma. More than 90% of hospitals do not have a professional optometry department, and the optometry and matching glasses in the hospital are often contracted to individuals, which is not professional. When parents go to the optometry and matching center of the hospital, they actually go to an optical shop, and the final result is that glasses are changed year by year Degrees grow year by year.


ignorant and fearless


parents do not have enough understanding of the harm of myopia. Don’t they think it’s just wearing glasses? Now so many children wear glasses. However, he may not know that myopia and high myopia are completely two diseases. Medium and low myopia can be corrected by wearing glasses. High myopia can not be corrected to more than 0.8 even wearing glasses, and the visual object begins to deform and the peripheral visual field begins to lose. At the same time, complications such as fundus disease, yellow class disease and retinal hole follow.


rely on surgical


. Such parents will hope that their children will have laser surgery after the age of 18, but they do not know about laser surgery. Apart from the risk of surgery, laser surgery also has very high requirements for patients. Many patients can’t operate because the cornea is too thin or other contraindications. The most important thing is that the operation is irreversible, and once a problem occurs, it can’t be recovered. In addition, dry eye and other complications after laser surgery will accompany a lifetime. More importantly, if it develops into high myopia, the related complications cannot be eliminated by laser surgery.


rational analytical


parents have high quality, pay more attention to children’s health and consume more rationally. Generally, they will first understand the qualification and scale of products and enterprises, and will not blindly believe in advertising. They clearly know that products or technologies that have not been recognized by the national health and drug administration departments do not have corrective effect, which is purely commercial speculation of businesses. The difference between these parents and the above parents is that they care more about the correction effect than the price. They know that they should first control the degree from increasing, rather than blindly pursuing one-step cure.