Improper rest is prone to pseudomyopia

Abstract: pseudomyopia is caused by frequent incorrect eye use, continuous contraction and spasm of ciliary muscle and increase of lens thickness. It is a kind of functional myopia. During the period of pseudomyopia, if you can rest and treat appropriately and pay attention to eye hygiene, your vision can be restored.

pseudomyopia is relative to true myopia. True myopia is that the refractive system of emmetropia is at rest, that is, after the adjustment is removed, the far point of the eye is located within a limited distance. In other words, myopia is caused by congenital or acquired factors, the anterior and posterior diameter of the eyeball becomes longer, and the parallel light enters the eye and forms a focus in front of the retina, causing blurred vision.

and pseudomyopia has some regulatory effects when looking at distant objects. On the surface, pseudomyopia is also far blurred and near clear, but there is no corresponding diopter change during mydriatic optometry.

so why can’t you see clearly in the distance? This is due to the frequent incorrect use of the eyes, the continuous contraction and spasm of the ciliary muscle, the lack of proper rest, and the thickening of the lens. In this way, the parallel light enters the eye. After the thickened lens is bent, the focus falls in front of the retina, and it is not clear to see things in the distance.


in this period, because the eyeball has not become longer, if you can rest and treat properly, pay attention to eye hygiene and use your eyes reasonably, there is still hope that you can restore normal vision, so it is called pseudomyopia. If you do not correct and treat pseudomyopia in time, it will develop true myopia over time.


identify true and false myopia. In addition to optometry in the hospital, a simple method can hang an international standard visual acuity chart at a distance of 5 meters. First determine the visual acuity, then wear 300 degree presbyopic glasses and look into the distance. A cloud like scene will slowly appear in front of you. Take off your glasses half an hour later and check your visual acuity. If your visual acuity is enhanced, it can be considered as false myopia; If your eyesight is still or decreased, you can do it once a day and repeat it for three consecutive days. If your eyesight is still not improved, it can be determined as true myopia.

pseudomyopia is generally due to long-time close work, poor eye posture, lying on the table, lying in bed or reading in a turbulent carriage; Too strong and too weak light often makes the ciliary muscles of the eyes tense and tired, resulting in vision loss. If the paralyzed and spastic ciliary muscles are relaxed after proper rest or eye drops of atropine, vision can be restored.


are commonly used by young students when looking at near objects. Due to the strong degree and long duration of adjustment, they cause the continuous contraction of ciliary muscle, resulting in adjustment tension or joint spasm. Therefore, when they turn to look far after reading and writing for a long time, they can not relax the adjustment quickly, resulting in visual fatigue symptoms such as dizziness, eye swelling and vision loss. This kind of myopia is called pseudomyopia because of the enhanced refractive power of the eye.

pseudomyopia and true myopia have the characteristics of visual fatigue, poor far vision and good near vision. However, pseudomyopia belongs to functional change. There is no problem of lengthening the anterior and posterior diameter of the eyeball. It only regulates spasm. After eyedrops with ciliary muscle paralysis drugs, most of them can turn into hyperopia or emmetropia. If you wear myopia lenses according to the treatment of true myopia, your eyes will feel very uncomfortable, because it does not relieve the adjustment spasm, and even lead to the risk of myopia development. Therefore, the treatment of pseudomyopia is different from that of true myopia.

the above is about “improper rest is prone to pseudomyopia”. Xiaobian reminds that pseudomyopia cannot be allowed to develop, otherwise it will evolve into true myopia.