In order to cure children’s myopia, is it worth spending thousands of yuan with an OK mirror?

Abstract: corneal shaping lens only delays the process of myopia as much as possible, and can not cure myopia. After the degree of myopia of children tends to be stable, it is still necessary to solve the problem of myopia by wearing frame glasses or surgery.

2017 CCTV 3.15 evening party exposed a private hospital organized by Zhengzhou science and television optometry company and a so-called Affiliated Hospital of the Yellow River Institute of science and technology, with no qualification, no medical background The “three no physical examination team” without certification cheated parents’ trust, and carried out the fitting of corneal shaping lens (commonly known as OK lens) without medical institution practice license and ophthalmologist. Due to the unqualified fitting, many patients had corneal epithelial abscission and even corneal infection.

Whether there is a professional doctor to check the fitting of corneal shaping mirror is the key!


in fact, the safety problems caused by wearing OK glasses have a long history. In order to cure children’s myopia, is it worth spending thousands of yuan with OK glasses?

  1. What is an OK mirror? Does


with OK mirror have effect on preventing or treating children’s myopia? The


OK mirrors are hard breathable contact lenses, It is named after the letter combination of orthokeratology. We have introduced the working principle many times, because the shape of the corneal shaping lens is flat in the center and steep around. In this way, the radian of the central area of the cornea can be flattened within a certain range through wearing, so as to reduce a certain amount of myopia.

Does corneal plastic lens have effect on preventing or treating children’s myopia? The vast majority of reports at home and abroad affirmed the efficacy of keratoplasty in the treatment of myopia.

however, parents should pay attention to that corneal shaping glasses only delay the process of myopia as much as possible and can not cure myopia. After the degree of myopia of children tends to be stable, they still need to solve the problem of myopia by wearing frame glasses or surgery.

  2. Is it safe to wear OK glasses? A large number of research results of


show that as long as they can be selected and used scientifically and standardized, and on the premise of strict medical management and close cooperation between doctors and patients, the thickness of corneal center and surrounding, the density and morphology of corneal endothelial cells are not obvious after wearing corneal shaping glasses at night or day, and the incidence of ocular surface complications is low, And basically mild.


however, it is undeniable that due to the influence of environment, individual differences and other factors, corneal plastic lens can not guarantee 100% no complications. It is suggested that parents carefully choose fitting institutions to minimize the risk.

  3. Which children are suitable for wearing OK glasses?


the State Food and drug administration stipulates that at present, China has approved the listing of corneal shaping lenses, with a maximum corrected diopter of 600 degrees, and requires that the description of such products must be marked and prohibited for children under the age of 8. According to the requirements of the consensus of experts on clinical fitting of rigid breathable contact lenses (2012 Edition), wearing corneal shaping lenses should meet the following basic conditions, and the specific prescriptions should be considered by experienced doctors at their discretion:


1. Suffering from myopia and meeting the approval scope of CFDA

2. Eye health, And there are no contraindications listed in the instructions;



at least 8 years old (including 8 years old) 4. Like sports and currently wear glasses or ordinary contact lenses, which has an impact on daily activities


5. Adults who want surgery but are afraid of poor treatment effect


6. Don’t like wearing frame glasses and external conditions (e.g. smoke, toxic gas or low humidity environment) it is also not suitable for occupations wearing contact lenses (e.g. tunnel workers and flight attendants)

7. Personnel who do not wear glasses and want to maintain vision for a period of time

8. Candidates who are not suitable for laser surgery due to age (too young) or contraindications


Non indications:

1. Drugs that may cause dry eyes or affect vision and corneal curvature are being used.

2. Corneal lesions; Have received corneal surgery or have a history of corneal trauma; Active keratitis (such as corneal infection), decreased corneal perception.

3. Other eye diseases: such as dacryocystitis, dry eye, conjunctivitis, blepharitis and other inflammation, glaucoma, etc.

4. Those with systemic diseases, resulting in low immunity or affecting corneal shaping (such as acute and chronic sinusitis, diabetes, Down syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, mental patients, etc.)

5, contact lens or contact lens nursing fluid allergy history.


6, pregnant women, lactation or near future planned pregnancy.

4. for OK mirror, parents are also concerned about these three questions


. Question 1: Why are corneal shaping lenses so expensive?

on the one hand, And rigid oxygen permeable contact lenses Compared with (RGP lens), the technical design of corneal shaping lens is more complex and the processing accuracy requirements are higher. At present, there are few qualified corneal shaping lens manufacturers; on the other hand, according to the relevant provisions of the national SFDA, institutions engaged in corneal shaping lens need to be equipped with relevant ophthalmology and optometry equipment, while professional equipment such as corneal curvature meter and computer-aided corneal topographic map need to be equipped Relevant personnel with professional knowledge of corneal shaping lens shall operate. Therefore, at present, the price of corneal shaping lens is more expensive.

question 2: how long is the service life of corneal shaping lens?

according to the relevant regulations of FDA, the service life of corneal shaping lens is more than 2 years, and the service life of high permeability rigid contact lens materials in China is about 1.5 to 2 years. In practical application, we can see that some lenses will have lens deformation, surface scratches and a large amount of sediment after being used for about 1 year, and the curative effect will decline. If the lenses are not replaced in time, the probability of clinical complications will increase and bring potential danger to the eyes.

question 3: wearing corneal shapingWhat problems should we pay attention to?


are different from ordinary contact lenses. Corneal shaping lenses are worn during sleep at night. The wearing method is similar to ordinary contact lenses. Adsorption rods need to be used when removing them. According to the survey, poor hygiene is one of the most common factors causing corneal diseases after wearing glasses. Children should pay attention to personal hygiene during use and wash their hands before wearing and taking glasses.