Introduction to six character formula regimen (I)

The six character formula of and

is a good recipe for health preservation handed down in ancient China. It is recorded in Sun Simiao’s Qianjin recipe, Wang Ang’s collection of medical prescriptions, Gong Tingxian’s Shoushi Baoyuan and other medical books. On the basis of predecessors, Mr. Ma auditorium further improved the six character formula according to the trend of human meridians, combined with the breathing method of neijiaquan and integrated into action guidance. It can regulate the Qi and blood of the five zang organs and six Fu organs and make it circulate vigorously, so as to achieve the effects of dredging stasis, guiding stagnation, adjusting deficiency and excess, repairing disability and filling deficiency, and strengthening the body-building heart. In clinical practice, it has good curative effects on hepatitis, heart disease, kidney stones, glaucoma, myopia, hypertension, hypotension, gastroenteritis, lung disease and so on.