Inventory of the 8 most eye damaging lifestyles

Abstract: People’s health is actually closely related to people’s living habits. Smoking, drinking and environmental pollution have brought a lot of harm to our eyes. Here’s an inventory of the most eye damaging lifestyles and whether you are among them.

eyes are one of the most important organs of the human body. If the protection is not good, the eyes will get sick and injured, which will affect vision and even blindness, and seriously affect life and work. Ophthalmologists took stock of eight lifestyles that are harmful to eye health.

unhealthy lifestyle 1: dieting

dieting poses a major threat to eye health. Fresh vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamin E, vitamin C and carotene, which can prevent eye diseases and wrinkles. If you are on a diet, you must increase the intake of vegetables and fruits while reducing the intake of fat and starch.

bad lifestyle 2: smoking

smoking leads to wrinkles around the eyes. Smokers will find more and more wrinkles gradually climbing up the corners of their eyes.

bad lifestyle 3: drinking

alcohol is the “number one enemy” of the eyes! Many people blush and their temperature rises after drinking. Alcohol can promote blood circulation and make capillaries expand rapidly. If you drink too much, eye capillaries are easy to rupture and cause spots.

bad lifestyle 4: pollution

try to use air purifiers to filter dust, smoke, dandruff, microorganisms and other potential pollutants.

bad lifestyle 5: excessive exposure to

ultraviolet radiation will lead to wrinkles around the eyes, cataracts and other eye diseases. When outdoors, it is best to wear sunglasses or anti ultraviolet glasses.

bad lifestyle 6: make-up


mascara, eyeliner or eye shadow powder easily breed bacteria. Cosmetics should be replaced at most 6 months, and mascara is best replaced in 3 months.


bad lifestyle 7: dry


dry will make your eyes lose their look. It is particularly important to replenish water for your eyes every day. Use eye drops appropriately, whether you wear glasses or contact lenses.

bad lifestyle 8: lack of sleep

only when you have enough sleep can you keep fresh and healthy eyes, otherwise you will be troubled by eye bags, dark circles and wrinkles. Try to avoid caffeine intake, so as not to interfere with sleep rules and affect eye health.


warm tips: people get external information almost through their eyes. Eye health is very important. Develop good eye habits, which is conducive to eye health.

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