Is it useful or harmful to do eye exercises?

Abstract: Ophthalmologists believe that eye exercises can not be simply said to be useless or harmful. Since it is eye exercises, its main role is “health care”.

core prompt

during the recess, under the guidance of the teacher, everyone closes their eyes and begins to do eye exercises. After 5 minutes, they will feel relaxed. I believe many “post-80s” have such memories of eye exercises.

however, recently, some people have been questioning eye exercises. They believe that eye exercises are not only useless, but also harmful. The view of these people is that doing eye exercises can not only improve vision, but also wipe eyes with dirty hands, which is easy to induce eye diseases.

is it useful or harmful for primary and middle school students to do eye exercises for many years? In real life, there are different opinions – some people think it is useless, others are not sure of its role, but think “at least there is no harm”.

ophthalmologists believe that eye exercises can not be simply said to be useless or harmful. Since it is eye exercises, its main role is “health care”. From the pathological analysis of myopia, the best way to deal with myopia is prevention. Pseudomyopia can be treated with drugs, while true myopia can be treated with surgery. At present, there is no rigorous scientific data that can be used to support eye exercises, which is useful for the prevention or treatment of myopia.

is it useful to do eye exercises? Hot discussion

1963, The first set of eye exercises in China was created by the person in charge of the physical education teaching and Research Department of Beijing Medical College (now the medical department of Peking University). After improvement by ophthalmologists, it was popularized to the whole country by 10 ministries and commissions such as the Ministry of education in 1982 and continues to this day.


have been done by primary and secondary school students for more than 50 years and have been frequently questioned.


Some netizens said on their microblog that eye exercises were enforced nationwide in 1963, but they have no scientific basis and have been harming Chinese teenagers. Because eye exercises only massage useless acupoints and can not improve vision, many students massage with dirty hands, resulting in red eye disease, eye infection and so on. In addition, in recent years, the myopia rate of Chinese teenagers has risen to the second in the world, reaching 360 million people, which also shows that eye exercises are useless.


eye exercises are useless and harmful, which has aroused heated discussion among netizens.

some netizens agree with this statement, because they also do eye exercises at school, but they are still short-sighted; Some netizens do not agree that eye exercises are useful, but think it “does no harm”; Some netizens doubt the role of eye exercises, and doubt that they have done eye exercises for many years before they lead to myopia.

then, how do primary and secondary school students and teachers view eye exercises in real life?

yesterday, the reporter visited the teachers and students of two primary schools and two middle schools in the urban area.

“I don’t like doing eye exercises. I think it’s too troublesome.” Xiao Feng, a fourth grader of Qianjin primary school, said that his parents often asked him to do eye exercises, but he was troublesome. “I don’t know if it’s useful. I just do it a few times every time.”.


lily, a third grade student of Yishi primary school in the city, likes doing eye exercises. She thinks “having done eye exercises is very comfortable”. She also thinks “doing eye exercises is good”, but she doesn’t know what the specific benefits are.


Liu Xu, a junior two student of No. 1 middle school in the city, believes that “eye exercises are very useful. I insist on doing them every day. After doing them, my eyes are very comfortable. Up to now, I have no myopia”. Han Yiming, a classmate of


Liu Xu, was skeptical about the usefulness of eye exercises, because he often did eye exercises in primary school, but after junior high school, “he was still short-sighted. If eye exercises could really prevent myopia, I wouldn’t be short-sighted”. Xu Pengfei, a junior high school student in


experimental middle school, is “not sure whether eye exercises are useful, but he feels that at least there should be no harm”.

“to be honest, I don’t know whether eye exercises are useful or harmful.” Liu, a teacher from the municipal experimental middle school, said with a smile that although he didn’t know whether eye exercises were useful or harmful, he thought they still had certain benefits, “otherwise the country wouldn’t have been promoting them all the time”. The role of


eye exercises is mainly “health care”,


. Wang Xingbang, an ophthalmologist in Shangqiu Eye Hospital, has his own views on the query of the network on eye exercises.

Wang Xingbang believes that it can not be said that doing health exercises is harmful, nor can it be determined that doing eye health exercises can prevent or treat myopia. Since it is eye exercises, its main function is “health care”.

“over the years, the number of teenagers with myopia has indeed increased, but it can not be simply said that myopia is caused by doing eye exercises.” Wang Xingbang said that eye exercises should be based on a certain theory of traditional Chinese medicine, but the prevention or treatment of myopia should not be placed on doing eye exercises.


Wang Xingbang said that myopia is still an irreversible disease in medicine. “Prevention should still be given priority to. Of course, some people have proposed that acupuncture and massage can be carried out, but it’s hard to say whether it is useful”.

Wang Xingbang believes that there are three main causes of myopia: genetic factors, environmental factors and unscientific eye use.


genetic factors mainly refer to that if both parents have high myopia, the probability of children also suffering from myopia will be greatly increased; Environmental factors mainly refer to working or studying in an environment that is easy to cause eye fatigue for a long time, and the probability of changing from false myopia to true myopia will also increase; Unscientific eye use mainly refers to incorrect posture in work or study for a long time, and failure to pay attention to scientific eye use, resulting in myopia.

“in fact, people’s eyes are born to see infinity, that is, when looking at infinity, people’s eyes don’t need any adjustment, but if you want to see things close, your eyes need to be adjusted.” Wang XingBang said that long-term close vision of the eyes will lead to eye fatigue and ciliary muscle spasm, “Short term spasm of ciliary muscle is also called pseudomyopia. Generally, pseudomyopia can be recovered through drugs and self-regulation. If pseudomyopia cannot be alleviated, that is, the ciliary muscle is always in spasm, the axial length of the eye will be elongated, which may turn into true myopia”.

“in order to make up for the lack of vision caused by true myopia, you can wear myopia glasses or have surgery.” Wang Xingbang said that therefore, we can not overestimate or superstitious the role of eye exercises, but we can not completely deny eye exercises. “Eye exercises can regulate the nerves around the eyes and play a relaxing role”.


have no scientific data to support “useful” said Liu Zhigang, director of Ophthalmology of


Central Hospital, and did not agree that eye exercises can prevent and treat myopia.

“at present, there is no rigorous scientific theory to support. Eye exercises can prevent or treat myopia.” Liu Zhigang said, “at present, there is no statistical scientific basis. For example, someone conducted a comparative study on 10000 teenagers who insist on doing eye exercises and 10000 teenagers who never do eye exercises, and concluded whether eye exercises are useful or harmful.”

Liu Zhigang believes that eye exercises advocate massaging the acupoints around the eyes, “Acupoints are the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, and the history of wearing myopia glasses in China is only 100 years, which also shows that traditional Chinese medicine did not study the acupoints for the treatment of myopia 100 years ago. Therefore, the statement that myopia can be prevented or treated by doing eye exercises lacks the corresponding theoretical basis.”.

“if you do eye exercises incorrectly, it is indeed easy to cause conjunctival congestion or ocular congestion.” Liu Zhigang said that one principle to adhere to when doing eye exercises is not to press the eyeball. “You can compare the eyeball to a balloon. Frequent extrusion must be harmful. If doing eye exercises, you should still massage the orbit”.

Liu Zhigang believes that the main principle of eye exercises is to increase the blood circulation around the eyes through massage, which can regulate the nerves and then feel relaxed.

“the key to preventing myopia also needs to use eyes scientifically”

“I don’t believe that doing eye exercises is easy to induce eye diseases or myopia.” Mr. Hou, who lives in unit 1, building 6, Xincheng international community, said that his son insisted on doing eye exercises on the third day of junior high school and had no myopia.

“I think it’s mainly caused by not paying attention to hygiene. If you pay attention to hygiene when doing eye exercises, you won’t induce eye infection.” Mr. Hou said.


Ms. Fang, who lives in unit 2, building 9, Tianming first city community, believes that the main reason for the increase in juvenile myopia is the existing education model, “Only pay attention to scores, regardless of others. In addition to doing homework at school, children also have to do homework at home, and even participate in various remedial classes. They use their eyes most of the time every day. It’s strange that they don’t have myopia.”.

so how can we effectively prevent or avoid myopia?

Wang Xingbang believes that the key lies in young people to develop the habit of using their eyes scientifically. When reading or writing, keep the correct posture, keep a distance of more than 35 cm from the book, and keep a distance of about 2 meters from watching TV.

in addition, smart phones and home computers are becoming more and more popular. Teenagers should also pay attention to ophthalmology when using these high-tech products. When playing with mobile phones or computers, they should keep the same distance as when reading or writing, which should also be more than 35 cm.

“no matter reading, writing, or playing with mobile phones and computers, you should overlook for about 5 minutes every 30 minutes, which can alleviate eye fatigue and prevent myopia.” Wang Xingbang said that when parents find that children have symptoms of myopia, they should also take their children to regular hospitals for examination in time, so that doctors can confirm true and false myopia and carry out targeted adjustment or treatment in time.


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