Is myopia just that simple?

Abstract: if myopia is not corrected in time, it will develop into a medium high myopia, which will lead to a significant increase in incidence rate of glaucoma and cataract. In severe cases, there will be retinal detachment, macular hemorrhage, vitreous opacity and even blindness.

with the development of science and technology and social progress, myopia is becoming more and more common. Myopia has brought all kinds of troubles to people’s life, but most people still lack enough understanding of myopia. Myopia is not only unable to see clearly, especially for teenagers. It will not only lead to the decline of vision, but also have other hazards.

how is myopia formed? There are probably two reasons for


: one is Congenital heredity: This myopia cannot be prevented, but modern medicine has proved that the acquired myopia will also be inherited if it is not treated in time. Second, it is caused by the day after tomorrow: using the eyes at close range for a long time causes the ciliary muscle to compress the lens for a long time, so as to thicken the lens. Because the time to look close is too long, the eye becomes longer in order to reduce the burden on the ciliary muscle. After the eyeball grows, the retina moves back. When looking far, the focal length is always in front of the retina, so you can’t see distant objects clearly. Generally speaking, every 300 degrees of myopia can make the eyeball protrude by 1 mm. The harm of


myopia to teenagers is specifically reflected in these aspects.


1. It affects learning.


myopia will produce blurred vision, dry and sore eyes, visual fatigue, difficulty in concentration, emotional irritability and even dizziness, resulting in a decline in performance.

2. Harm to body and mind

because of the limitation of myopia, there are many difficulties in communication, traveling and participating in recreational activities. A variety of sports activities cannot be participated in, which affects children’s physical and mental development, causes children to have psychological obstacles and has a certain impact on their character.


3. Impact on entering higher education


every year, there are a large number of candidates who are rejected by the limited majors because of myopia, involving nearly 30 majors such as electronic information, bioengineering, Medical Pharmacy, flight and navigation technology, which seriously affect children’s life and career planning.

4. Affect the appearance

every 300 degrees of myopia can make the eyeball protrude 1 mm. Therefore, medium and high myopia will lead to exophthalmos and eyelid relaxation. Wearing glasses all year round will also affect the overall shape.


5. It affects joining the army and choosing a career. Pilots cannot be admitted if their eyesight is lower than 2.0;


whose eyesight is less than 1.5 cannot admit seafarers;


whose eyesight is lower than 1.0 cannot be admitted to criminal police or military;

myopia degree is greater than 800 degrees and cannot be admitted as a doctor or nurse;


are greater than 1000 degrees and cannot be engaged in athletes, high-altitude operation, professional driving, etc.

6. Affect the quality of life

in this regard, many people can feel it. For example, weather reasons: rainy days, dark days, too hot in summer and too cold in winter all affect vision; In and out with glasses, the temperature difference is too large, which is easy to frost. After wiping, the lens is worn, resulting in blurred vision, and the degree increases year by year.

7. It is easy to inherit the offspring

. Both parents are highly myopic, and the children have more than 90% chance of myopia. The acquired myopia will also be inherited if it is not treated in time.

8, resulting in complications

myopia, if not corrected in time, will develop into a high myopia, causing glaucoma and cataract incidence rate increased significantly. In severe cases, there will be retinal detachment, macular hemorrhage, vitreous opacity and even blindness. There are more than 450 million myopic population in China, of which 270 million are teenagers, and the incidence rate of myopia among young people is the highest in the world. Morbidity and age are becoming more and more serious. It is urgent to prevent and correct myopia correctly.

how to correctly prevent myopia?

1. Don’t read in strong or weak light, don’t read while walking, and don’t read

2. The continuous reading time should not be too long.

reading for a long time is easy to cause regulatory myopia, and you should rest for about 10 minutes every 60 minutes; People who like reading should pay particular attention to this.

3. Keep a reasonable distance from objects.

don’t bend over, hunch over or read on the table, let alone lie in bed and read on your side. The distance between the eyes and the books should be kept at 30 cm, the distance between the body and the desk should be kept at about 10 cm, and the angle between the books and the desk should be kept at 30-45 degrees. Watch TV at a distance of about 3 meters.

4. Get enough sleep and pay attention to eye hygiene. Teenagers should sleep for at least 8 hours to avoid eye damage caused by smoke, sand and chemicals; In addition, personal belongings such as towels, handkerchiefs and washbasins should be specially assigned to avoid cross infection.

5. Do more eye exercises and actively participate in outdoor activities.

press and knead Tianying acupoints, Jingming acupoints, Sibai acupoints and temples. Press and knead each acupoint for 4 eight beats.

6. When you feel tired, you should see more green plants, look at the distance, and relax


as much as possible. 7. You should have a visual examination regularly.


should go to a regular examination institution for visual examination every three months or half a year. The best corrected age for

is 3-8 years old. The problem of myopia can be corrected at 0-16 years old. Parents must pay attention to it. Don’t miss the age of best correction. Pay attention to the password of WeChat official account. You can do visual custody for your child free of charge, supervise children’s eyesight and prevent myopia.

8. Pay attention to the dietary structure and balanced nutritional intake.

don’t be partial to food, and eat more fruits, vegetables, fish, liver and other foods.


9. Watch less TV, use less computers and play less games. The proliferation of


computer TV mobile phones is the cause of high myopia and low age in childrenOne of the important reasons for the trend of urbanization. Because the light emitted by these displays contains a large number of short wave blue light harmful to the eyes. This harmful blue light irradiates the human eye for a long time, which will damage the function of retina and macula. While strictly controlling the time children use electronic devices, parents should also let their children wear professional anti blue light glasses to protect their children’s eyes from blue light and help their children prevent myopia.


children have low self-control, and the requirements for healthy eye use need to be implemented under the supervision of parents. Children’s vision problems are also easy to be ignored in the early stage, and parents should pay attention to them at any time