Is myopia reversible??

why is myopia irreversible? Have we taken measures to reverse myopia? When the eye looks close, the ciliary muscle contracts and the lens curvature becomes larger, and when the eye looks far, the ciliary muscle relaxes and the lens curvature becomes smaller, right? Will the eye axis also change?


eyes are flexible closed bodies with open front end. With the contraction and relaxation of anterior ciliary muscle, the eye axis changes at any time!! (this is well verified, that is mydriatic optometry, which is to anesthetize the ciliary muscle and fully stretch the ciliary muscle to measure the change of ocular axis) the same is true for the improvement of naked eye vision! Then why can’t the improvement of naked eye vision change true myopia? This judgment is caused by traditional cognitive errors. Since you can change the length of ocular axis with atropine, why But isn’t the restored vision changing the axis of the eye?

myopia problem to change, we must change our cognition of myopia! Otherwise, it will only be helpless for myopia. If you can’t explain the question of myopia, you can sophistry with the reason why myopia has not been found and the method to change myopia!!


at present, the right to speak is indeed in the hands of the authorities of true myopia and irreversibility. It is not easy to change, but since the problem of myopia needs to be solved, we need to be patient with different voices! Otherwise, it will not change the current situation of myopia. The more we prevent and control myopia, the more serious it is. If we reverse the causes, will we prevent and control myopia and restore visual function?

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