Is myopic cure lens effective?

Myopia cure lenses do have a good effect on mild myopia, but if it is more serious, there is no way to treat it,

Is myopic cure lens effective?

These correction tools only give you poor uncorrected visual acuity as an aid to see clearly, so it is called corrected vision. It is not the so-called therapeutic effect, because it only improves your vision, but changes in the essence of the eye, including the axial changes caused by myopia, the nature of ametropia, eye shape changes, changes in choroid and sclera, changes in intraocular pressure The appearance of floaters and leopard pattern of retina were not recovered by wearing glasses.

So, glasses or laser surgery, in essence, only improve your vision, and do not “treat” your myopia, because myopia caused a series of changes in your eyes, and there is no recovery. So there is no myopic treatment, there are only myopia correction methods.

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