It is said that turning over the white eye exercises will cause blindness

Abstract: Recently, there is a rumor that the very popular “white eye version” eye exercises on the Internet have the risk of blindness, which shocked many parents. Experts believe that some patients with vision problems may cause retinal detachment.

recently, Qiyuan primary school in Xiasha, Hangzhou implemented a new version of eye exercises, which completely subverted the eye exercises we did as children. Different from the traditional acupoint pressing, this set of eye exercises requires students to improve the excitability of eye muscles and the conduction function of brain nerves by rotating their eyes, so as to achieve the effect of improving vision. It is called “rolling white eyes” version of eye health exercises by netizens. Is

surprised? On January 22, a news stunned parents and pushed this set of eye exercises to the forefront of the storm: “eye exercises” is in danger of blindness. Is it harmful to often do eye exercises? Hou Lijie, deputy chief physician of optometry diagnosis and treatment center of Zhejiang ophthalmic hospital, put forward the viewpoint of blindness caused by “rolling eyes” eye exercises. Yesterday, by telephone, he confirmed his view to reporters: “this new version of eye exercises not only lacks scientific basis, but also may have a harmful impact on the operator’s eyes and even cause blindness.” “If a person has high myopia or other vision problems, his retina is relatively thin. Doing these actions for a long time may cause retinal detachment, fundus hemorrhage and other problems,” Hou said However, some experts do not think so. Sun Jie, deputy chief ophthalmologist of Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, said: “rotating the eyes will not lead to such serious consequences as blindness, but excessive intense eye movement will indeed bring harm, but this set of eye exercises is not severe eye rotation.” Can eye rotation prevent myopia? “At present, there is no method to alleviate myopia through eye health massage.” Hou Lijie said that it is unrealistic to prevent myopia by doing eye exercises. Sun Jie also said: “before doing academic research and sample comparison, you can’t jump to conclusions.” It is reported that the “rolling eyes” eye exercise is developed by Professor Huang Weike, who studies vision correction. It belongs to an eye Gymnastics Sport in the “multi-dimensional vision training”. Professor Huang believes that lack of eye movement can cause myopia, and this exercise can make the eyes get active exercise. In this regard, Sun Jie disagreed: “it is true that extraocular muscles can be exercised through eye rotation, but whether enhancing eye muscle movement can improve myopia has not been concluded.” At the same time, she believes that a set of scientific and formal eye exercises should go through scientific and rigorous academic research from R & D to promotion. Relevant academic achievements should be published in core academic journals and recognized by the academic community, recognized by government departments, and finally promoted in schools. The reporter found that various versions of eye exercises in China, including Yijinjing version and “rolling eyes” version, have not completed a complete and formal process. Qiyuan primary school is a new school put into use in September 2014, with five classes in grade one. Tan said that because there are only junior students in the school, they can’t press the acupoints accurately. After consulting a number of ophthalmologists, the school decided to adopt this set of eye exercises. Now, children do eye exercises twice a day. This set of eye exercises lasts about 4 minutes and has a total of 4 sections, including “near and far point visual movement”, “left and right circular line visual movement”, “multi-directional visual movement” and “alternating light and shade visual movement”, with 8 beats per section. Will such exercise intensity have an adverse effect on the eyes? Yesterday, the reporter called Mr. TAN Chao of the Moral Education Department of the school. Mr. TAN Chao said, This is the first time he heard the saying of “blindness”: “now we promote this set of eye exercises among junior students. As far as I know, there are no students with myopia or vision problems among these children. Moreover, this set of eye exercises is just that the eyes rotate slightly with the fingers, so it should not cause injury or blindness.” It is understood that the school has a complete set of systems for students’ eye health education, from classroom lighting control to writing posture guidance, and eye exercises are only a part of them. Tan told reporters that at present, many primary schools in China are using this set of eye exercises. It is reported that this set of multi-dimensional vision training method was formed as early as 2006. The research group led by Huang Weike has conducted experiments on more than 1600 myopia primary school students in Xiaoshan District, and reached the data conclusion: after one month, three months and six months of testing, the myopia of the trained students has improved to varying degrees, 87% of the students’ myopia has been stably controlled, and 47% of the students’ myopia has decreased significantly. There are no eye exercises that can prevent and treat myopia in the world. In fact, eye exercises promoted by the Ministry of education in primary and secondary schools across the country are often questioned. This set of eye exercises was developed by Beijing Medical College in 1963 Liu Shiming, director of the physical education teaching and research department (now the medical department of Peking University), created it by himself. At that time, there were 8 sections. In 1972, ophthalmologists simplified it and made some changes. After the adaptation, it was arranged by Shanghai Institute of eye disease prevention and control. In 1982, it was popularized to the whole country by 10 ministries and commissions such as the Ministry of education, and has continued to this day. Many experts and scholars have questioned the ability of this set of eye exercises to prevent myopia. The second session of Peking University Dr. Chen Yueguo, a myopia treatment expert in the eye center of the Third Hospital, believes that from the perspective of Western medicine, the cause of myopia is the lengthening of the axis of the eye, and doing eye exercises can not prevent the change of the axis of the eye, so it has no substantive role in the prevention and treatment of myopia. The reporter learned that up to now, there is no scientific theory, clinical trial or investigation statistics to prove that doing eye exercises can indeed prevent myopia. In the world, only China is promoting eye exercises, but the myopia rate of Chinese students ranks second in the world, with 28% for primary school students, 60% for junior middle school students and 85% for senior high school students. In the United States, which does not do eye exercises, the myopia rate is only 25%. Hou Lijie said that eye exercises can help alleviate eye fatigue, but primary and middle school students can’t just rely on such massage to love and protect their eyes. He suggested: in addition to paying attention to the genetic factors of parental myopia, primary and secondary school students should avoid excessive eye use and do not use electronic products for a long time; Pay attention to the combination of work and rest, participate in outdoor sports and overlook the scenery; Standardize sitting posture and avoid reading in dim light.

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