Keep your eyes away from myopia

Abstract: myopia is considered to be a common ophthalmic disease, because it has no obvious discomfort, so it has not attracted people’s attention. Especially for young people, bad reading, writing and living habits unknowingly hurt their eyes.

ophthalmologists said that daily work and rest and reading and writing posture also have a great impact on vision. If you develop incorrect reading, writing and rest habits for a long time, it is easy to cause myopia.

develop good living habits: first, get enough sleep, work and rest regularly, avoid staying up late, try to be balanced in nutritional intake, do not eat a partial diet, often do outdoor activities, and let your eyes often look into the distance.


cultivate good reading habits: let children form the habit of reading on the desk. Don’t read on the bed or sofa, and don’t lie on the desk; When reading, the light should not be too strong or too dark. Don’t read in the direct sunlight. The desk lamp should be illuminated from the left rear. When reading at night, the indoor lamp should be turned on; Don’t read in a shaking car. Don’t use a notebook with light color or small grid.

when reading and writing, you must rest for 10 minutes every 40 to 50 minutes and choose tables and chairs suitable for children’s height. When reading and writing, the distance between the book and the eyes should be at least 35 cm. The posture of holding the pen should be correct. Avoid holding the pen too straight or fingers too close to the tip of the pen.

keep a distance when watching TV: the appropriate distance is six to eight times the diagonal of the TV picture. The height of the TV picture should be slightly lower than the eyes, about 15 degrees down. Take at least 10 minutes off every 30 minutes of watching TV. When watching TV at night, the indoor light should be turned on to avoid watching the TV picture with blurred or flickering screen.

appropriate use of glasses: if the child looks very hard watching TV or blackboard, he must squint or frown to see clearly. He is likely to have myopia. Generally, if myopia is within 100 degrees, you don’t need to wear glasses. It depends on the situation between 125 degrees and 200 degrees. Glasses are needed for more than 200 degrees

if the degree is too deep and you don’t wear glasses, your eyes are prone to fatigue, but the degree will increase. For people with myopia less than 300 degrees, it is recommended not to wear glasses when reading, but only when looking far away. Myopia above 300 degrees may need to wear glasses for a long time. Tips of


: when wearing or removing glasses, it is best to use both hands to avoid lens frame deformation. If the frame is deformed or the lens is seriously worn, repair or replace the lens as soon as possible.