Learn to protect your baby’s eyes

Abstract: when children are young, it is easy to cause abnormal eye development due to poor diet or living habits. Parents should pay special attention to helping children correct these bad habits for eyes.

early childhood is an important period for children’s eye development. During this period, parents should pay special attention to helping their baby develop good living habits and let the baby grow up with healthy and beautiful eyes.


experts have found that vitamin deficiency can lead to eye diseases and affect vision. In order to prevent the lack of nutrition, we should first pay attention to the feeding of infants and add auxiliary food in time at all stages of development. For children and premature infants who do not need breastfeeding, special attention should be paid to giving foods rich in vitamin A, such as milk, egg yolk, animal liver, cod liver oil, fresh vegetables and fruits. After weaning, children should also supplement foods rich in vitamin A, such as liver, carrots, various vegetables and fruits. To prevent children from being picky and partial eaters, food should be diversified, with meat and vegetables, matched with each other, so that all kinds of vitamins and other nutrients can be ingested, so as to ensure the normal development of children’s eyes and body.

parents guide their children to protect their eyes

for preschool children, parents should pay attention to choosing safe toys for them, don’t let their children play with sharp instruments, and guide their children to do some safe and appropriate games. Children should be prohibited from setting off fireworks to prevent eye injury. Parents should cultivate their children from an early age to develop good hygiene habits, wash their hands frequently, wash their hands before and after meals, and wash their hands when they go out. Don’t rub your eyes with dirty hands, even if you are lost or your eyes are a little uncomfortable. Parents should also educate and urge their children to develop good eye hygiene habits, such as reading and writing posture should be correct. When watching TV, don’t sit too close. The distance should be 5 times the diagonal of the TV screen. For example, the distance of 19 inch TV is 2.3 meters. And don’t watch TV too long, be moderate, and don’t let your eyes get too tired.

the harm of rubbing eyes with hands

children are generally easy to move. Their small hands are always very dirty. Rubbing their eyes with dirty hands will bring some germs into their eyes and cause eye inflammation. Sometimes they will rub the sand on their hands into their eyes. When playing with children with trachoma and rubbing their eyes with their hands, they will be infected with the same eye disease. If one eye is red and itchy, rubbing the eye with your hand will pass the eye disease to the other eye. If there are sand and other foreign bodies in the eyes, rubbing the eyes with your hand is like rubbing the eyes back and forth with a grinding wheel, resulting in epithelial damage of black eyes and infection in severe cases.