Let’s do eye exercises 10 minutes before going to bed

Abstract: do you know? If you use your eyes too much before going to bed, it is not conducive to sleep, but also pay more attention to fatigue and affect your eyesight.

people’s eyes are like an automatic focusing camera. When they use them at close range, the eyeballs will become convex; When looking at the distance, the eyeball bulge becomes smaller, so that you can see clearly. Using eyes before going to bed will keep the eyeball in a large convexity. In the long run, it will affect the adjustment function of the eyeball and lead to myopia.

in addition, it seems that the eyes have been rested after reading the book. In fact, because the ciliary muscle, lens and pupil of the eyes continue to contract for a long time, it is very easy to aggravate the sense of fatigue, and may also form spasm, which is easy to cause pseudomyopia. If not corrected in time, it will also form true myopia. The indoor light is darker at night, which is more likely to cause visual damage. 10 minutes before going to bed is the best time to protect your eyes. You’d better not use your eyes. Closing your eyes and relaxing is a good way to rest your eyes. In addition, gently massage your eyes before going to bed, press and hold your temples with your middle finger and ring finger, massage in circles for 10 minutes, or hot compress your eyes with tea bags, which can not only effectively eliminate visual fatigue, but also maintain your eye skin and prevent myopia.


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