Let’s understand the prevention and health care methods of myopia

Abstract: visual fatigue occurs in eyes due to close eye use and high-intensity eye use. If you are in a state of fatigue for a long time and can not be relieved and adjusted, it is easy to lead to ciliary muscle spasm, which squeezes the capillaries in the eye, leads to microcirculation disorder, and finally becomes myopia. Introduction to

myopia prevention and health care:

1 Yunmu} stand in front of the window and look at the upper, lower, left and right corners of the window clockwise or counterclockwise, which can relax muscles and activate collaterals, operate eyes and improve vision. Do it for 5 ~ 10 minutes in the morning and evening every day.      2. ♪ in the morning, stand naturally in a place with fresh air. First look at a target in the distance, and then slowly take back your sight. When you are 35 cm away from your eyes, then transfer your sight from near to far to the original target. Repeat this several times, and then carry out deep breathing exercise, which is good for regulating eye function.      3. Bathe eyes with hot water, hot towel or steam for about 5 minutes once or twice a day. It can also be combined with washing your face and drinking hot water. You can also decoct chrysanthemum, bamboo leaves and other traditional Chinese medicine separately, fumigate your eyes while it is hot, and then wash your eyes with liquid medicine after the water temperature. It has the function of clearing heat and brightening your eyes.      4. ♪ at ordinary times, pay attention to a balanced diet, achieve the combination of thickness and meat and vegetables, ensure the supplement of trace elements and vitamins, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and seafood, and eat less candy and sweets. Now everyone has a certain understanding of the prevention and health care methods for myopia. In addition, experts say: visual fatigue will make your eyes myopia, dry eyes, swelling, congestion, photophobia and tears, headache and dizziness, dark circles, and even insomnia and dizziness… The continuous contraction time of ciliary muscle is too long, making your eyes sick of fatigue myopia for a long time, and pseudomyopia will occur, I hope you can pay attention.


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