Life details that should be paid attention to after myopia correction surgery

Abstract: after the operation, the eyes are in the recovery period of the wound. We should try our best to avoid eye trauma. Try not to participate in swimming, basketball, diving and other activities in the first month after operation. We have seen clinically that someone had problems with the wound due to fighting after operation. It is recommended to prevent eye trauma in the first month after operation. After

refractive surgery, there is no special contraindication in life, and you can live normally soon after operation. Briefly summarize the precautions for life after refractive surgery.

1. Avoid activities that may hurt the eyes

after the operation, the eyes are in the recovery period of the wound, and eye trauma should be avoided as far as possible. Try not to participate in swimming, basketball, diving and other activities in the first month after operation. We have seen clinically that someone had problems with the wound due to fighting after operation. It is recommended to prevent eye trauma in the first month after operation. High myopia itself has a longer eye axis and is more likely to have retinal detachment than ordinary people. Therefore, avoiding eye trauma is also very important for fundus diseases.

in addition, when the corneal wound is not fully healed, the probability of infection or eye damage will be higher if foreign bodies enter the eyes. If you go out, you can wear sunglasses or special postoperative protective glasses to avoid dust falling into your eyes. In addition, eye cosmetics, such as mascara, may also enter the eye due to improper operation. Therefore, it is recommended to use mascara cautiously after operation. General moisturizing eye cream can be used, but the eye cream used for heavy makeup should also be used with caution. Facial use of various skin care products (toner, cream, etc.), generally will not enter the eye, second days after surgery can be used normally. General facial makeup, including the use of foundation, etc., as long as the attention not to let cosmetics into the eye, is also OK. It is recommended not to wear Meitong and other corneal contact lenses after operation.

2, postoperative cosmetic operation time,


, some friends who are fond of beauty may consider myopia after operation to do double eyelids, planting eyelashes, tattoo eyeliner and other cosmetic surgery or operation. We suggest that double eyelid surgery and eyelash implantation should be performed 3 months after LASIK; No cosmetic operation such as “tattoo Eyeliner” is recommended, because “tattoo Eyeliner” can cause corneal and conjunctival injuries (often encountered in ophthalmology emergencies), damage the meibomian gland tissue, and long-term eye diseases such as dry eye.

3. Personal hygiene and eye use requirements

generally, you can wash your face, bath and hair normally the next day after operation. As long as you pay proper attention, do not vigorously touch around your eyes and do not let unclean water enter your eyes. Some people are very careful after the operation. They have to go to the barber shop to wash their hair. They don’t dare to wash themselves. Even some people don’t dare to wash their face for a week. This is completely unnecessary. We have never seen the injury of surgical wounds caused by washing their face, bath and hair in clinic. In addition, when taking a bath, sometimes it is really difficult to avoid some water from entering the eyes. Generally, there is no need to panic. The flowing water we use is relatively clean and generally will not cause infection. After taking a bath, we can click artificial tears and antibiotic eye drops to alleviate eye discomfort and prevent infection.

pay attention not to be too tired and use your eyes step by step, but it is not forbidden to use computers and mobile phones. No matter what kind of operation, the recovery of postoperative vision actually takes a certain time. Although many patients have seen 1.0 vision after one or two days after operation, the visual quality must be different from the normal state in the early stage after operation. It usually takes 3 ~ 6 months for the visual quality to recover completely after operation. After myopia surgery, many people feel that it is easier to get tired when watching close range, especially when looking at mobile phones and computers. We generally suggest that we should use less mobile phones and computers after operation, and turn on the light when reading and watching TV at night. Now most people’s work and life are inseparable from computers and mobile phones. It is impossible not to use computers and mobile phones at all. It is generally recommended to use the computer needed at work according to your own situation. Try not to play games or watch wechat for a long time. Some parents will require their children to completely prohibit the use of computers and mobile phones after surgery, which is generally not necessary. Some jobs, such as graphic design and finance, use computers for a long time, and the font is relatively small, which may have some impact on the postoperative work. It is certainly better if you can ask for leave for some time. If it is inconvenient to take leave, you can also adjust the work intensity appropriately. If the computer is not used intensively at work, you can generally go to work normally.

4. Diet and living habits

generally speaking, refractive surgery has no requirements for postoperative diet. The parents of some patients often ask whether they need to “avoid” after operation. In fact, western medicine itself does not pay attention to “avoid” and can eat normally after operation. We generally suggest to follow the usual eating habits. It is also OK to appropriately reduce spicy and irritating food and reduce food that may cause allergies and digestive tract problems, but there is no need to deliberately “avoid”. Some patients or family members are more careful and ask later: “can I eat seafood after operation?” After a while, he asked “can I eat pepper?” after a while, he asked “can I eat eggs?” I hope you will remember that if the doctor has no special explanation after the operation, you can choose food according to your own eating habits. Don’t ask the doctor about each specific food one by one.

in addition, if your living habits do not have the possibility of directly damaging your eyes, doctors generally do not recommend prohibiting doing something. Some people ask, “doctor, can I smoke after the operation?” Such questions are difficult for doctors to answer. No doctor can tell patients “you can smoke”. Smoking is certainly not good for your health and will stimulate your eyes, but it doesn’t mean that smoking will cause serious damage after myopia surgery. If you usually like smoking and can’t quit smoking, it’s unlikely that smoking after operation will cause obvious damage to your eyes. Physical exercise, as long as it does not touch the eyes, will not have a significant impact, such as running or exercising muscles in the gym, will not touch the eyes, and can be carried out normally. Sweat flows into the eyes, tooIt will irritate your eyes. You can pay a little attention. It is also good to point artificial tears after exercise.