Look at the thumb to improve visual function

Abstract: take turns to stare at a pencil far and near, and watch how the pencil that is not aimed can be regarded as two shapes and become blurred. Watch slowly at first, then gradually increase the speed. Practice for no more than 4 minutes, otherwise you will feel tired.

focus on the movement of the thumb


for 2 minutes Objective: to improve the movement function of the eyes


cover one eye with a towel, eye mask or palm. Be careful not to close your eyes tightly! Sit in a chair and keep your body straight. Don’t lean against it! Put your feet parallel in front of your body.

straighten the arm on the side of the body with the eyes open and raise the thumb. When doing eye exercises, always keep your eyes on your thumb and never make it disappear from your sight. Keep your head straight and don’t follow your arms.

move the arm horizontally from right to left for 7 times, with the maximum distance of 60 ~ 70cm. Then move vertically from top to bottom for 7 times, then move diagonally obliquely for 7 times (first from left to top, and then right to bottom, and then right to top, and then left to bottom), and finally move in circles for 7 times (first clockwise, then counterclockwise). Change hands and practice again. Important tips from


experts: the practice time of each eye shall not exceed 2 minutes, otherwise the eyes will feel tired.

look at two pencils alternately from far to near for 4 minutes purpose: train spatial vision

sit in a chair, keep your body straight and don’t lean against it! Put your feet parallel in front of your body.


hold a pencil in each hand, and the pencil is parallel and vertical in front of the nose. One pencil is about 20cm away from the nose and the other is about 50cm away.


now began to take turns to stare at a pencil far and near, and to see how the pencil that was not aimed could be seen as two shapes and become blurred. Watch slowly at first, then gradually increase the speed. Practice for no more than 4 minutes, otherwise you will feel tired. Important tips from


experts: if you don’t have diplopia (you can’t see the diplopia), you can try to move your invisible pencil a little, or look out of the window for a while, and then practice again. If you still can’t see the compound image, you should see an ophthalmologist or ask an optometrist to check your eyesight.


reproduce the watched letters


in mind for 2 minutes. Purpose: to train the acuity of the eyes,


hold a foreign language magazine or a newspaper, find an asymmetric letter (such as English lowercase letter A, as shown in the figure), and then look at the letter S for 5 times. Then close your eyes and reproduce the precise graphics of the letters and their sharp contrast in your heart for 30 seconds.

now you can imagine the letter S at a distance with very keen eyes. Repeat the exercise once and imagine the letter s figure for 30 seconds.

then imagine the opposite (left-right reverse) shape of the letter s. If you master all the essentials of the exercise, you can finish the exercise without interruption.

expert important tips: hyperopia should not do this exercise. Some nearsighted people have many difficulties in doing this exercise, but it will become easier and easier through repeated practice.

watch the chest throw and catch

for 3 minutes Objective: to train the side vision

this exercise needs to be completed in a standing position. Look for a place with an eye point at least 4 meters away to do this exercise.

now you throw a tennis ball up and catch the falling tennis ball. When you throw up and down to catch a tennis ball, your eyes never leave the distant gaze. When a tennis ball goes up and down, you should only watch with the rest of your eyes. If you successfully master this practice method, you can even throw the tennis ball up more than 1 meter and catch the falling tennis ball again, then you can move your arm farther and farther to one side of your body until you see that the tennis ball is still in the view of the corner of your eyes. When


begin to practice, the left and right hand wheels change the ground to do throwing and catching tennis and side looking exercises. After practicing skillfully, you can do throwing and catching tennis and side looking exercises with both hands at the same time.

expert important tips: even if you feel difficult when you start practicing, you should not look directly at tennis. If you want to improve your practice level, you can practice while watching TV.

4-minute eye covering exercise

purpose: relax your eyes

sit at your desk with your elbows supported on the table or thighs. Put your arched palm in front of your eyes, cover your eyes, but don’t close your eyes, and you can breathe freely with your nose. Try not to let the light into your eyes.

now imagine a beautiful picture (such as the ocean) in front of you and in the distance. After practicing for at least 4 minutes, slowly put down the eyes covering hands, and the practice is over. Then you use the rest of your eyes to look at things in your side field of vision.

expert important tips: hyperopia and people who are not easy to concentrate should slightly change the method of this exercise: watch the light of a lamp with two eyes around, but their eyes are not straight into the light! Then you look at the resulting spot of light until it slowly disappears. The

eye is the 3 alarming number of


women with dry eye incidence rate is 2.5 times that of men. Women are more likely to suffer from dry eye than men because of the fluctuation of hormones. Moreover, few people realize that excessive eye fatigue and insufficient water can also consume physical and mental energy. When


are tired, the blinking frequency increases by 64%! Eye reflex keeps the eyes moist by eliminating tears on the surface of the eyes. When talking to people, we blink an average of 16.6 times per minute. However, when you spend 30 minutes doing eye work such as computer operation, reading or sewing, your blinking rate increases by 64%. If you feel that your blinking frequency has increased significantly, you should close your eyes every 15 minutes10 seconds, and then blink 5 times. This is a wonderful plan to eliminate eye fatigue and restore eyesight vitality.

omega-3 fatty acids can reduce dry eye symptoms by 66%! Tears contain a lipid layer of natural oil, which is very important to maintain eye lubrication. Researchers at Harvard University pointed out that taking omega-3 fatty acids can help the plate glands secrete natural oil, thus reducing the symptoms of dry eyes by 66%. Tuna or frog fish is rich in fat and is known as a recipe for moistening eyes. It can be eaten several times a week.


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