Love the eyes and have a way to uncover the secrets of traditional Chinese medicine food therapy and eye care

Abstract: eye protection is undoubtedly a “heavy” topic for modern people. Facing the computer every day, the eyes fall into deep fatigue. How can we easily protect the eyes? Take a look at several food therapy and eye care methods recommended by peace ophthalmologists to eat your eye health!, I. Jiachang Shibao decoction,

I. efficacy of Jiachang Shibao Decoction

: tonifying liver and kidney, nourishing blood, brightening eyes and enhancing immunity. It is suitable for liver deficiency, dark eyes, visual model and night blindness anemia. It is the best food therapy for children’s eyes. Ingredients: 150g duck liver, 50g celery fungus (Shuifa) 20g, 50g fresh mushrooms, garlic, green onion, ginger, sesame oil, salt and rice wine. Preparation method: 1) cut celery into small sections, dice mushroom and agaric, cut liver into mud, and mix rice wine, salt and white powder. 2) heat oil to 5 minutes, saute ginger and garlic, add mushroom and agaric, add appropriate water, boil, add liver mud and stir, season, and put celery to boil Boil and add a little sesame oil. II. Spinach eye protection soup} efficacy: tonifying liver and blood, brightening eyes and moistening dryness. Regular eating can improve vision, and can treat night blindness and anemia in children. It has a good tonic effect. Ingredients: 60g pig liver or 2 pairs of native chicken liver, 130g spinach, a little salt and sesame oil, 1L Qinggao soup; Therefore, 15g of paper, Gujing, Ganqi and Chuanxiong respectively. Preparation method: 1) wash the four traditional Chinese medicines, add 1000ml of water, decoct for about 20 minutes, filter the residue and leave the soup for standby. 2) Remove the fascia of pig liver, wash and cut into thin slices, wash and cut spinach into small sections for standby. Saute chopped green onion with a small amount of oil, add traditional Chinese medicine juice, pig liver and spinach, bring to a boil, add an appropriate amount of salt, stir up, and then add a little sesame oil. III. tea drinks 1) sesame and medlar tea 1) efficacy: brighten the eyes and mainly treat vision loss. Materials: 10 grams of shayuanzi, 10 grams of dodder, 12 grams of black sesame, 20 grams of medlar, 15 grams of Shouwu, 10 grams of Zelan and 10 grams of salt. Method: stir fry with salt, add Lycium barbarum and stir fry until swollen, that is, sieve out the salt, take Lycium barbarum and other medicine, decoct for about 12 minutes, soak for 10 minutes, filter out the residue and drink instead of tea. 2) five flavor honey tea} efficacy: it is mainly used to treat visual impairment. Ingredients: 4G beiwuwei, 6G honeysuckle, 1g green tea powder and 10g honey. Method: put Schisandra chinensis into the pot and fry it slightly, then add about 450ml of honeysuckle and water, boil it for 3 minutes, filter it, add honey and mix well. When it is a little cold, add green tea powder and stir it evenly, and then drink. 3) cassia seed tea} efficacy: it is mainly used to treat head dizziness, dizzy and dry eyes, and decreased vision. Materials: 10g cassia seed, 5g chrysanthemum and 15g hawthorn. Method: after slightly mashing cassia seed, add chrysanthemum and hawthorn, rinse with boiling water, cover and simmer for about 30 minutes, and then drink. Experts remind that in addition to the above food therapy methods, we should still pay attention to the following points in daily life: 1) adequate sleep, adults need about 7-8 hours, and children should be more than 8 hours. 2) avoid partial eclipse to absorb balanced nutrition. 3) get closer to nature and enjoy sunbathing. Because the sun can lead the blood to the eyes and relax the muscles and nerves of the eyes. 4) pay attention to eye care, do not continue reading and writing for a long time, rest for about 5 minutes every 15 minutes, and have a correct reading posture. Pay attention to straightening the spine, no forward tilt of the chest, no tilt of the head, no shrug, and the feet are in a balanced and stable position. The distance between the eyes and the book is 30 cm, the angle between the book and the desktop is about 30-40 degrees, and the light is sufficient. 5) avoid reading books and newspapers in shaking places, because the eyes must constantly change the crystal light to adjust and adapt, so that the eyes are very prone to fatigue and vision loss.