Many parents worry that after their children wear glasses, will their myopia get deeper and deeper?

Abstract: when checking in a regular eye hospital, we will check the binocular visual function to see whether the child is under regulated or over regulated. If the regulation is over regulated, we also need mydriasis. In the mydriasis link, we can know whether the child’s eyes are true myopia or false myopia.

is not the only answer to the question why the degree is getting deeper and deeper with eyes.

first of all, for example, unreasonable glasses matching in informal optical shops will lead to this situation. Children with pathological myopia will also deepen the degree too quickly. If they are not prevented and controlled in time, they will even reach a high myopia of 2000 degrees.

secondly, the treatment schemes are different for different myopia. A child with 100 degree myopia may have 7 or 8 different schemes, and parents may be confused. According to experts from


, when checking in a regular eye hospital, binocular visual function will be checked to see whether the child has insufficient adjustment or excessive adjustment. If the adjustment is excessive, mydriasis will be carried out. Only in the mydriasis link can we know whether the child’s eyes are true myopia or false myopia.


because of the lack of knowledge in this field, many parents regard their children’s false myopia as true myopia. As a result, after taking their children to the glasses store to match glasses, their children really become myopia.

therefore, when a child has a sign of myopia, do not blindly take the child to get glasses. Go to a regular eye hospital for routine visual function examination, and the doctor will give professional judgment according to the examination report. If it is pseudomyopia, it can be cured by binocular visual function training.


finally, children still need to actively cooperate with doctors. In the visual function examination, children under the age of 8 do not have visual function examination. Because the children’s cooperation is not enough, the accuracy of the examination can not be guaranteed, so they can directly dilate their pupils.