Massage five acupoints to help office workers relieve eye fatigue

Abstract: when it comes to protecting eyes, the best acupoint is undoubtedly Qingming acupoint. For students, eye exercises must be done every day. Pressing Qingming acupoint in the second section can well protect eyes when massaging Qingming acupoint.

office workers have a feeling of fatigue in their eyes because they need to stare at the computer for a long time. Eye fatigue and dryness are the biggest feelings of office workers. If the eyes are tired for a long time, it will cause vision loss…

1. Massage Qingming acupoint

when it comes to protecting the eyes, the best acupoint is undoubtedly Qingming acupoint. For students, eye exercises must be done every day, including squeezing Qingming acupoint in the second section, It can protect your eyes when massaging Qingming acupoint.


Qingming acupoints belong to the bladder meridian of foot sun. Massage this acupoint can improve the discomfort caused by eye parts.


can supply blood to the body when massaging Qingming acupoint. The eyes of office workers are dry. When they get blood supplement, they can see things clearly, their eyes become bright and their eyes are no longer sour.

students massage this acupoint can well protect their eyes. Office workers can not only supplement blood to Qingming acupoint for a period of time, but also treat mild cataract and alleviate myopia.

therefore, you can massage Qingming acupoint after working for a period of time.

II. Massage silk and bamboo acupoints

in life, people with dizziness and headache will massage silk and bamboo acupoints. Massage silk and bamboo acupoints can well alleviate eye pain and protect vision.


silk and bamboo acupoints belong to the hand Shaoyang Sanjiao meridians of the body, which are in the depression of the eyebrow tip of the human body.

massage silk and bamboo acupoints can dredge the meridians of the eyes, help the blood circulation of the face, improve the generation of cells, and eliminate the wrinkles around the eyes.


office workers can massage this acupoint with both hands for a period of time, which can relax their eyes. Moreover, for beautiful female office workers, when massaging this acupoint, they can also weaken the crow’s feet in the corners of their eyes and the freckles on their faces.

III. massage zanzhu acupoint

in life, for many people who want to lose face, it is possible to massage zanzhu acupoint. Massage zanzhu acupoint is also the main way for many beauties who think it is a big face sister to lose face.


can play a role in reducing face when massaging zanzhu acupoints.

zanzhu acupoint is located in the bladder meridian of the foot. There is a depression on the inner side of the eyebrows. Massaging this acupoint is very helpful for eye pain.

IV. massaging Fengchi acupoint

generally massages Fengchi acupoint for cold symptoms in life. After massaging Fengchi acupoint for a period of time, It can awaken the brain and clear the purpose, and has a good treatment for headache.


can treat the fatigue of office workers when massaging Fengchi acupoints.


Fengchi Points belong to the meridians of the foot gallbladder channel. In the back neck of the body, the two big tendons in the back strength part are flush with the earlobe. Massage this point has the effect of refreshing the brain and brightening the eyes, and can be a good treatment for dry and tired eyes.

office workers can sit at their desks and press this acupoint with their thumbs when they feel dry eyes. Pressing it for three minutes at a time can well alleviate acid swelling.


often massage Fengchi point, which can also be a good treatment for hypertension.

v. massage Taixi point

some people may say that Taixi point is located in the foot. How can it affect eye fatigue?


are actually connected to the organs of the body. A certain acupoint on the head has an impact on the feet. Similarly, a certain acupoint on the feet will also have an impact on the stomach. Xiaobian disagrees with the ancient saying that headache cures the head and foot pain cures the feet. Headache can also be treated through the feet.


in traditional Chinese medicine, Taixi point is also called the largest tonic in the whole body, which shows the recognition of Taixi point.


can stimulate the whole body when massaging Taixi point.


Taixi acupoints belong to the acupoints of the kidney meridian. Massaging this acupoint can mobilize the motive power of the body, and can well transport the Qi and blood of the body. The blood of the body is provided by the kidney. If there is a problem with the kidney, it will have a great impact on the hematopoietic ability.


office workers feel the dryness of their eyes, which is mainly the stagnation of blood flow. When massaging Taixi acupoint, they can well help blood flow and dredge congestion.


can ensure that the eyes are supplemented by blood, get fresh blood, and the eyes will look brighter.

therefore, at ordinary times, you can alleviate the problem of vision by massaging Taixi point.


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