Massage health points can prevent presbyopia

Abstract: eyes are extremely important for human beings. We should always think about protecting our eyes. Protect your eyes while you are young. In order to keep the presbyopia away from us in the future, massage our eyes from now on.

there are more and more presbyopias now. We should take preventive measures in advance to avoid presbyopia in the future. Here are some common health acupoints and simple massage methods for protecting eyes. Daily massage of these acupoints has a good effect on the prevention of presbyopia.

use your thumb or index finger (mainly by yourself) to press the following health preserving acupoints. Your strength can gradually increase from weak to strong. After you feel obvious acid swelling, relax slowly, cooperate with uniform breathing, feel it slowly, and finally press it in when you exhale and relax when you inhale. Massage each acupoint for 1 minute and press it several times continuously.

After all the actions are completed, a simple relaxation action can be added. Put the palms of both hands opposite each other, rub each other until they get hot, then quickly place the palms in the eyes and gently press and knead them. Note that the direction of pressing and kneading is that the upper eye socket is from inside to outside and the lower eye socket is from outside to inside. Maintaining this circular motion for 1 minute is also helpful to protect the eyes and prevent “presbyopia”. Let’s take a look at which health acupoints can be massaged to prevent presbyopia.

1. Jingming point: in the face, the depression slightly above the inner canthus angle.

2. Yingxiang point: near the midpoint of the outer edge of the nasal wing, in the middle of the nasolabial groove.

3. Temple: in the temporal part, between the tip of the eyebrow and the outer canthus, it is about a horizontal finger backward.

4. Yangbai acupoint: in the forehead, when the pupil is straight, 1 inch above the eyebrow.

5. Sibai acupoint: in the face, the pupil is straight, when the infraorbital hole is depressed.

eyes are extremely important for human beings. We should always think about protecting our eyes. Protect your eyes while you are young. In order to keep the presbyopia away from us in the future, massage our eyes from now on.


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