Massage treatment of myopia is a complete commercial scam!

Abstract: as we all know, eye exercises for primary and middle school students implemented for many years in China is a set of eye acupoint massage exercises. Eye massage can indeed alleviate visual fatigue. It is this set of eye exercises that has been criticized.

at the end of the 20th century, there was an upsurge of massage “treating myopia” in China. At its peak, it joined the chain of vision health care stores of “massage treating myopia and oral traditional Chinese medicine health products”, with more than 10000 stores in China! Many “eye massage women” and “vision hygienists” who can’t even explain the eye structure have become a huge employment force. At its peak, there were nearly 400 massage vision health care stores of different brands in China. Up to now, the “treatment of myopia” with massage is still in the ascendant, and there are still as many as two or three hundred different brands.

first of all, this is a commercial phenomenon, not a professional development phenomenon of Ophthalmology. What is the business logic that so many people flock to? This has to start with the individual experience of massaging eye acupoints.


as we all know, eye exercises for primary and middle school students implemented for many years in China are a set of eye acupoint massage exercises. Eye massage can indeed alleviate visual fatigue. It is this set of eye exercises that has been criticized. Popularizing such a wide range of eye massage and eye exercises has not alleviated the high incidence of myopia among Chinese students. On the contrary, the myopia rate of Chinese students has been rising, and has become the largest myopia team in the world.


went on to talk about the business logic of these massage vision care terminals. Massage through eye acupoints (regardless of whether the acupoints and techniques are accurate or not), students’ eyesight can be improved temporarily. For students with heavy academic load, even if they close their eyes and rest for 10 or 20 minutes, their eyesight can be improved by one or two lines. Through eye massage, students’ eyesight can be improved by two to three lines for the first time. Through eye massage for several days, students’ eyesight will continue to be different Improvement of the degree of vision improvement (of course, it does not rule out the suspicion that some massage vision health care stores do tricks in checking vision, which is a false improvement.) with the medical phenomenon of vision improvement, it is difficult for parents to question the effectiveness of this “treatment”, which is the professional cornerstone for the survival and development of this eye massage vision health care industry.

“With the improvement of eyesight, the degree of myopia will be reduced. Isn’t myopia treated? This kind of good thing is worth spending some money.” This is the consumption logic of parents. In fact, if you do an objective static Optometry (mydriatic Optometry) before eye massage and do an objective static optometry again at the “treatment” stage, parents will be surprised to find that the child’s myopia will not decrease a little, and even the myopia diopter will be deepened!! “when the eyesight is improved, how can the myopia be deepened? It can’t be a mistake?” Will ophthalmic instruments make mistakes? Yes, the computer optometer will have an error of 25-50 degrees, but accurate optometry will not make mistakes.

vision is improved, and the degree has not changed or deepened. What’s the matter? Ordinary people do not understand two academic terms, namely vision and diopter. Vision is a psychophysical index, which fluctuates like people’s physical strength, endurance and energy. Rest by massage, Components of accommodative myopia in children’s diopter (that is, the pseudo component, which is the eye muscle spasm state) will be relieved. At the same time, the excitability of fundus photoreceptor cells, visual conduction and visual center will be improved, so that the vision will be improved. However, this improvement is not sustainable, and will gradually decline and return to normal after returning to calm. The diopter can be understood as the length of the anterior posterior diameter of the eyeball, which is an objective detection of the refractive system of the eyeball As a result, the ocular axis will only continue to lengthen and will not shorten. This is why colleagues in the ophthalmology field have been emphasizing. I hope the general public will know – so far, myopia can be treated only through surgery!

therefore, many parents spend a lot of money to massage their children to “treat myopia”, and some even spend nearly 6 digits! When faced with accurate examination by the hospital, you will be startled by the sharp increase in myopia. If the condition is mild, as a way of health care, parents are willing to spend, but it doesn’t hurt. People hate those who mislead their children.

I hope this manuscript can alert many parents! Don’t spend wronged money, scientific control of myopia is the right way! Once myopia occurs, it can be corrected by surgery at the age of 18.