Mental Qigong massage for myopia

three times a day, 10 minutes each time, mental Qigong massage to treat myopia. The skill can help you easily get rid of the trouble of myopia.

I. the cause of myopia is the biggest trouble for many young people. As a lover of writing and calligraphy (now a member of the Professional Committee for Standardizing Chinese character writing of the Chinese Language Newspaper Association), I experienced the pain of myopia when I was young. But at that time, my family was very poor and couldn’t afford a pair of myopia, let alone myopia surgery. One day, I saw the news that practicing Qigong could treat myopia from a book, which made me very happy. Because I had been with my father since I was a child I have studied martial arts and am familiar with the way of luck. My brother-in-law is a barefoot doctor and has many medical books, So I got the proof of medical theory from his clinical basis of traditional Chinese medicine (1975 Edition), clinical practice of Ophthalmology of traditional Chinese medicine (1976 Edition), qigong Fitness Guide (1992 edition) and other books. So I combined doing eye health exercises and practicing martial arts to summarize this set of “mental Qigong treatment of myopia”. The reason for adding “mental” Because when I recommended this skill to many students and friends later, It is very difficult for them to learn qigong (although they only need to practice 11 movements). It is impossible to really run the air flow in the body all day, so they have to practice “mind”. Later facts also proved that as long as “mind” If you practice properly, you can also get the effect close to the real air flow running around the body. After practicing this method for about 2 months, my 300 degree myopia completely recovered, and I haven’t had a relapse so far. This set of exercises has been formed for more than ten years. It has helped a large number of friends suffering from myopia to cure pseudomyopia. Real myopia has recovered greatly. It has neither economic worries nor flesh and blood pain. In fact, it is a wonderful recipe for young friends to protect their eyes. Now I dedicate this set of skill to you. I hope it can be beneficial to those friends in need.

2. Posture: close your eyes, sit still or lie on your back.

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