Middle school students to protect their eyesight, rational use of eyes is the key

Abstract: at present, the rate of myopia in China is higher and higher, among which middle school students’ myopia accounts for a large part. How to protect the eyesight of middle school students has become an urgent problem. Experts pointed out that the key for middle school students to protect their eyesight is to use their eyes reasonably.

vision problem is one of the common health problems of preschool children, including astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia and anisometropia. For middle school students, the most important problem is myopia, so middle school students need to actively protect their eyesight. How should middle school students protect their eyesight? In fact, the key is to use your eyes reasonably.

middle school students should pay attention to protecting their eyesight:

use their eyes reasonably, help read and write for a long time, and look far after reading and writing for a period of time, which is of great help to the protection of eyesight.


should pay attention to doing eye exercises. Doing eye exercises every day during recess can not only alleviate visual fatigue, but also effectively prevent myopia for middle school students.


have myopia. It’s best to wear glasses. Because if you don’t wear glasses, you will feel more difficult when looking, your eyes will be more tired, and your eyesight will decline faster. At the same time, glasses correct the curvature and eyeball. If you don’t wear glasses, the eyeball deformation will be more serious.


blink more, which is good for eyesight. Tilt your head back and blink continuously to make the blood unblocked. When the eyes are slightly tired, just do 2 ~ 3 blinking exercises.


pay attention to the rest of the eyes, avoid continuous operation of the computer and reading for a long time, and do not rest until you feel tired. Instead, you should rest for 10-15 minutes every hour or so, or look at the green trees or the distant view outside the window, or do eye exercises to fully relax your eyes.

develop good habits, which can play a positive role in the protection of vision. Maintain good working posture when operating computers and reading and studying. Maintain the most appropriate posture, make both eyes look flat or slightly look down at the fluorescent screen, so as to relax the neck muscles and minimize the area of eyeballs exposed to the air. Do not read while lying down or in a place with poor light and on a moving object (such as a vehicle). Fluorescent lamps are suitable for reading.