Mingmu Gong Cure Myopia 3

Third Form  Strengthening the kidney and strengthening the eyes

Action 1: connect the previous action, eyes slightly closed, tip of tongue slightly upward, pinch mouth, such as flute like, make “blowing” sound.

Action 2: close your eyes slightly, turn the palms of your hands upward, sink your shoulders and drop your elbows, bend your elbows forward, draw your forearms to the palms of your palms to your pupils, and gently place them on your eyes,read silently “Eyes moist, 1-2-3-4-5-6”

Action 3: touch the sideburns, ears, neck and shoulders with both hands to the two sides of the chest, rub the hands along the body side to the waist sides, continue to descend to the outside of the buttocks, and then naturally close to the two thighs along the outer side of the thighs to experience the feeling of the feet and recover to the preparation.

Repeat one to three movements for three times.

Breathing method

Breathe naturally.

During the first and second movement, the mind is focused on the eyes, and the third idea is followed by the hand. Finally, pay attention to the feeling of your feet.

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