Mingmu Gong Cure Myopia 4

Forth Form  Turn the neck to move the eye

Action 1: connect the previous action, focus on the eyes, open your eyes, keep your body still, turn your face horizontally to the top of your right shoulder, and look far behind your right shoulder.

Action 2: then head down, turn left and down to the top of the left shoulder, look far behind the left shoulder.

Action 3: head up, turn right and up to the top of the right shoulder, and look far behind the right shoulder.

Action 4: turn your head to the front and look ahead.

It is required to be natural and slow. The eyeball rotates with the rotation of the neck, and the eyes look far away from all sides with the rotation. At the same time, recite: “the eyeball rotates freely, and the neck relaxes.

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