Misunderstanding about the principle and treatment of myopia

Abstract: myopia laser surgery is not “omnipotent”. In addition to the adaptive age, there is a certain degree limit. Excimer laser surgery is more suitable for myopia ranging from 100 degrees to 1200 degrees.

myopia is a symptom that the eye can’t see far things, but can see near things. On the premise of static refraction, distant objects cannot converge in the retina, but form a focus in front of the retina, resulting in visual deformation and blurring of distant objects.

myopia can be divided into refractive and axial myopia. Refractive myopia is the most serious. Refractive myopia can reach more than 600, that is, high myopia.


1. The main causes of myopia: 85% near accommodation; 15% of the axial length:

(1) about 85% of myopia is related to near sight (such as reading, watching TV and watching computer, that is, myopia three looks), which can be prevented and treated;

(2) About 15% of myopia is related to the growth of the ocular axis, which is controlled by congenital variation or genetic factors, and the treatment effect is poor. It can be seen that juvenile myopia is a preventable and incurable eye disease.

the main reasons are

(1) three aspects of myopia: reading, watching TV and watching computer are the main motivation for the development of myopia;

(2) Improper wearing glasses: for example, the degree of glasses is wrong, the combined astigmatism is not matched or mismatched, the frame is loose and deformed, and the pupil distance error is too large, which leads to the aggravation of eye burden and the development of myopia.

myopia pathogenesis

(1) Eye axis lengthening: about 300 degrees of myopia will be increased every 1mm. Primary and secondary school students are in the period of vigorous growth and development, and myopia will develop to some extent, so it can be prevented and incurable;

(2) adjustment spasm: the crystal will automatically focus and become convex (i.e. adjustment) when looking close, and look close for a long time (especially the third sight of myopia) can cause accommodation spasm and form accommodation tension myopia, which can turn into myopia after a long time.

is related to accommodation myopia:

reading 30cm (normal reading) can increase 300 degrees of accommodation myopia;

reading 20cm (such as partial head reading) can increase 500 degrees of accommodation myopia;

10cm reading (like lying on the watch) can increase the degree of accommodative myopia by 1000 degrees. The misunderstanding of


in treating errors is


. First, there is no age limit for laser surgery. The incidence rate of myopia is increasing with the increase of primary school students’

. In fact, excimer laser surgery has a certain adaptive age. Generally, 18 to 45 years old is the best age for surgery. Teenagers younger than 18 years old are still in the development stage of their eyeballs, the eye axis is still growing, and the degree of myopia is unstable. Therefore, they need to wait until they are 18 years old, and the eyeball development and degree of myopia are relatively stable before surgery. Misunderstanding 2 of


: laser surgery can be performed at any degree.


myopia laser surgery is not “omnipotent”. In addition to the adaptive age, there is a certain degree limit. Excimer laser surgery is more suitable for myopia ranging from 100 degrees to 1200 degrees.

for myopia patients with more than 1200 degrees, laser cutting will make the retained corneal tissue too thin, prone to lordosis under the action of intraocular pressure, and even secondary keratoconus, which can be remedied by corneal transplantation.

patients with ultra-high myopia can choose better methods, That is, phakic intraocular lens implantation or posterior scleral reinforcement (the gospel of the first patient with high myopia in Hainan). Click to read to understand the misunderstanding of


. 3: laser surgery is not necessarily safe.


Myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism are collectively referred to as ametropia. Ametropia is mainly caused by the change of refractive index of cornea and lens.


excimer laser surgery to correct ametropia is actually to use high-efficiency light beam to cut the front surface of cornea, change the curvature of the front surface of cornea, adjust the refractive power of cornea, and make the external light accurately image on the retina, so as to achieve the effect of correction. Before excimer laser myopia surgery, doctors need to conduct dozens of detailed examinations on patients, carefully give rigorous and scientific prescriptions according to the examination results, instruct them to excimer laser therapeutic instrument, and carry out the operation under computer-controlled tracking.

generally speaking, excimer laser is ultraviolet light with very short wavelength. It has photochemical effect with biological tissue rather than thermal effect. Therefore, it will not produce thermal damage. It can accurately gasify human corneal tissue to achieve the purpose of cutting and carving cornea without damaging surrounding tissues and other organs. Therefore, excimer laser surgery is the most effective method to correct ametropia.

of course, as a precise and rigorous operation, patients need to go to a regular and qualified hospital to find an experienced excimer laser professional for diagnosis and treatment, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of the operation. Misunderstanding 4 of


: myopia will “rebound” after surgery.


many patients have such concerns, that is, myopia laser surgery can only temporarily correct vision, and myopia will slowly return over time. In fact, this is another common misunderstanding of myopia laser surgery. The acceleration of myopia usually occurs between the ages of 12 and 18, and most people will gradually stabilize after the age of 18. Myopia laser surgery is a very precise and strict operation. Under normal circumstances, the patients requiring surgery are over 18 years old, and the development of myopia is relatively stable in recent two years, and the deepening of myopia is no more than 50 degrees every year. The operation is controlled by computer. A concave mirror is precisely cut out on the cornea. The molecular bonds between corneal tissues are broken and gasified by cold laser. As long as the patient goes to a regular hospital and asks an experienced doctor for operation, pay attention to eye hygiene after operation to avoid further lengthening of the ocular axis, and most of the myopia will not happen again.

misunderstanding 5: only myopia can be treated, not astigmatism

Many myopic patients are accompanied by astigmatism, and the discomfort caused by astigmatism is often more serious than myopia. If it is not corrected, it will also cause amblyopia and visual fatigue. Many myopic patients worry that excimer laser surgery can only correct myopia. If astigmatism continues to exist, it will still lead to blurred vision, and they need to wear frame glasses and frame glasses.


treatment of fatigue myopia

eye fatigue is the primary factor causing myopia. Therefore, alleviating eye fatigue has a significant effect on the treatment of myopia. There are four ways to alleviate eye fatigue:

“First move: don’t waste boiled eggs. You can roll the eggs back and forth along the edge of the eyes, which can relieve eye fatigue (be careful not to burn your eyes)

The second move: blink your eyes often. As the saying goes, the more you use, the more you live. Blinking your eyes often can not only alleviate eye fatigue, but also make your eyes more divine. Eye movement method is to divert your eyes from time to time, that is, the eyes are not repetitive two or one lines, which can alleviate eye fatigue caused by mechanical regular movement.

The third move: look into the distance. This move can be said to be an old topic. Looking into the distance after learning for a long time can not only alleviate eye fatigue, but also relax the mood.

the fourth move: a healthy diet can also achieve the eye-catching effect, such as some proteins, vitamins and trace elements, which can protect the eyes.