Mother must read: how to prevent children’s myopia

Abstract: Children’s myopia will affect their life, including work, life and other aspects. How to prevent children’s myopia is what every parent wants to know urgently. The following introduction hopes to be helpful to you.

people all know that myopia is hereditary. Both parents are myopic, and almost 100% of their offspring are myopic; If one of the parents is myopic, the probability of myopia in their offspring is more than 50%. At present, there is no reliable and effective method to prevent parents’ myopia from passing on to the next generation. However, it can prevent non genetic myopia and control the degree of genetic myopia in future generations.

studies have found that there are many factors for the formation of myopia, which can be divided into three categories: one is the inheritance of parents; The second is low birth weight and premature infants; The third is bad eye habits.

infants with low birth weight and premature infants are most likely to suffer from myopia. Low birth weight is caused by fetal growth retardation. Maternal malnutrition during pregnancy, virus infection, drinking, smoking and multiple pregnancies will cause fetal growth retardation and neonatal underweight. Premature birth can be caused by acute infectious diseases and chronic diseases during pregnancy, sexual life in the third trimester or excessive fatigue. Therefore, the health care of pregnant women is very important, which is directly related to the healthy development of the fetus. Pregnant women should ensure rich diet and nutrition, and pay attention to proper rest and avoid virus infection, so as to ensure the normal development and health of the fetus. If the fetus develops well, it can prevent myopia to a great extent.

generally speaking, children, especially young children, have bad eye habits, such as watching TV for too long, reading in the dark, lying down, reading in the turbulent carriage, often playing handheld game consoles and computers, which will lead to myopia in children who are not close-sighted. Those who have genetic myopia will accelerate the development of myopia.


therefore, whether children have genetic factors of myopia or not, we should let children form a good habit of using their eyes correctly, which is good for preventing and controlling the development of myopia.