Must know the foods that cause myopia

Now more and more people are myopic, in fact, there are many reasons for myopia, diet is one of them. Myopia should not only be corrected, but also need food conditioning, so what dietary taboos does myopia have?

Avoid carbonated drinks

Carbohydrate drinks contain a lot of sugar, carbonated water, citric acid and other acidic substances. If you drink too much carbonated drinks, the elasticity of intraocular tissues will be reduced, and the storage of trace element chromium will be reduced.

Carbonated water, citric acid and other acidic substances neutralize with the salts in the body, especially with calcium salts, and reduce in the blood, resulting in the reduction of blood calcium. This will affect the tenacity of the eye wall, make the axial elongation, and also cause the occurrence and development of myopia.

Don’t eat garlic

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that long-term and large-scale consumption of garlic will hurt people’s Qi and blood, damage eyes and brain. “Compendium of Materia Medica” records that “long-term food can damage the liver and eye”. Therefore, patients with eye diseases should try not to eat garlic, especially those with poor health and weak Qi and blood.

Avoid sugar food

Must know the foods that cause myopia

If you eat too much sugar, the increase of blood sugar content will cause the change of aqueous humor and crystal osmotic pressure. Sugar glues collagen together, producing “saccharification” phenomenon, which makes muscles lose elasticity. After the muscles around the eyes lose their elasticity due to glycosylation, they can not adjust the focal length flexibly. When the close reading time is very long, the muscles of the eyes may be fixed at the near focus, but not easy to change to the far focus, so they can not see the things in the far. In severe cases, the lens itself can also be glycosylated, become turbid, form cataract, and even lead to blindness.

Eat less over cooked protein food

Eat too much protein food, can make the metabolism of calcium in the body abnormal, resulting in calcium deficiency. Chromium and calcium directly affect the body’s regulation of intraocular hydraulic pressure. If the content of chromium and calcium in the human body is in a normal balance state, the intraocular hydraulic pressure can be kept normal, so as to prevent

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