Myopia — a reversible modern disease

Myopia — a reversible modern disease,

myopia — reversible modern disease

The first part is going to be about the causes of myopia and you really have to start there if you’re going to be effective in reversing myopia and the second half will be a technique that I’ve developed and it’s similar techniques that others have developed but it’s my own particular twist on it, On how to use active focusing to reverse myopia.

diet and myopia

dietary structure and myopia

For example, eating lot of carbohydrates not surprisingly might Induce a higher incidence of myopia and it’s been tied to hyperinsulinemia, to excess carbohydrate intake, to a deficiency of fish oil and essential fatty acids and to mineral deficiencies.

if you eat a lot of carbohydrates, the incidence of myopia is higher. Myopia is closely related to high insulin, excessive consumption of carbohydrates, insufficient intake of fish oil and essential fatty acids, and lack of trace elements.

Now Cordain took the view that actually genetics were not that important because he was studying island’s of Vanuatu who were at school eight hours a day and yet they only had about 2percent myopia.

Cordain believes that genetic factors are not very important. In his study, he found that children in Vanuatu spend eight hours in school every day, and only 2% of these children have myopia. (because these children eat fish, sweet potatoes, coconuts, no bread or grain)

there’s a theory called the increasing retinal defocus theory

If you actually fit a person with in minus lens right the axis of the eye will grow and here in just the course of an hour, the length of the eyes increase by more than five millimeters which is significant because the eyes only 25 millimeters long; on the other hand if you put a plus lands in front the eye over the course of an hour it will shrink right by about ten millimeters and if you just put a neutral lens on there is no change. Now this is a study in humans. This is very recent spectacle the older data was in primes and chicks, but this is exercising as they now have tools using if atomic here where they can actually measure at the length of the eye when you’re focusing

. The eye axis will increase by about 5mm (the speaker’s slip of the tongue is micron), which is very important because the eye axis is only 25mm. On the other hand, if you wear a convex lens in an hour’s course, the eye axis will be shortened by about 10mm (micron). If you wear flat glasses, there is no change. This is the recent human eye experiment. The previous experimental data are mainly in primates and chickens, which is very exciting because now they have precision instruments to truly measure the length of the eye axis when you look at things.


micro stimulation effect

Hormesis is a beneficial response been organism to a low dose stressor otherwise detrimental or lethal at high doses. It works by activating various degense or repair mechanisms and there is a lot of example you might be familiar with. For example,exercise in immunization, calorie restriction; exposure to hot or cold, these provoke an adaptive response UV radiation, phytonutrients, formation calluses, if you play guitar,gobarefoot you get the growth of the skin here. And I will argue that active focusing is also analogous to exercise in this respect.


micro stimulation effect is a beneficial response to low-dose stimulation, rather than a harmful high-dose stimulation. It triggers various body protection and repair mechanisms. Here are many examples you may be familiar with. For example, exercise improves immunity, controls calories, and exposure to heat or cold all stimulate adaptive responses. UV, phytonutrients, if you play the guitar to form healing tissue or bare feet to thicken the skin into calluses. I think active focus is similar to exercise in this regard.

Exercise particularly weightlifting is a great example of hormesis, right? If you’re lifting heavy objects you’re causing these micro tears, micro trauma to the muscle and you get a super compensation as a result as long as you don’t overdo it your muscles will grow back stronger. The key is you gotta do training optimally by working at the edge a failure. If you overtraining, your damaged muscle; undertrained, you don’t get a response, and this is sometimes called a specific adaptation to imposed demand or the said principal. So how can we apply this to reversing myopia?

exercise, specials”Is this the same as the Bates Method?

well not really. Bates had a theory that is you need to relax the eye and he had a fault idea of physiology. He thought that focusing on the eyes, muscles had to do it, muscles that surround the eye tensing or relaxing and you were actually changing the shape of the eye We now know that’s not the case. Is the ciliary muscles and crystal changing the shape of the crystalline lens And the fact that you need to relax however he only address really half of the problem, which is what I call pseudomyopia right, that initial period where you’re not being able to see and focus, he really didn’t address axial myopia Because he didn’t know that the eye would get longer or shorter.

unfortunatly his methods of relaxation and distance viewing, they are great, right, I think they’re imaginary but they really don’t do anything For those of us who are sitting at a computer all da, right, because you can only spend a certain amount of time looking in the distance and what we know from the incremental retinal defocus theory Is that it’s kind of the time averaged exposure to different focal length that’s important


your eyes are adaptive work, it is just like your muscles, just like your metabolism, just like everything about you So stimulate your eyes, it’s very important, play with your eyes, build it into your daily life To put it bluntly, we can only rely on ourselves, because the cycle is too long, and we should always pay attention and adhere to it every day. If we want to convert it into economic benefits, it is far easier to collect money by waiting than by glasses and laser surgery. On the contrary, those who eat by laser surgery and glasses industry chain will be scared by this video!

high myopia wear low degree glasses to exercise with fuzzy method in an appropriate range. As long as you master the methods, you can exercise at any time, and achieve centralization and saccade.


I have persisted for a year. Many people say that it is impossible to recover myopia, and there are many online swindlers, which has led me to take many detours. Of course, I have focused on research most of the time, and I have carried out systematic exercise later


have been reduced from 475 450 to 375 350. Believe it or not, I just focus on my exercise results. In addition, how is true myopia formed? There are two answers. The first is the lengthening of the ocular axis caused by the pressure of the extraocular muscles. The second is the posterior scleral staphyloma caused by the high intraocular pressure and the pressure on the posterior sclera. This is my theoretical knowledge. Generally, there is no need for special treatment for medium and low myopia. Only the extraocular muscles press the eyeball to reduce the burden of the ciliary muscles and fix the lens at a degree, Therefore, the ciliary muscle does not need to output greater force to adjust, but to adjust within a certain range. Second, when the degree is very high, the intraocular pressure will be high. If the intraocular pressure is too high, the posterior scleral staphyloma may appear. However, as long as the intraocular pressure is reduced to a certain range, the posterior scleral staphyloma may gradually improve. This is my personal illusion, not true.

sorry, I’ve read a lot of books, checked a lot of materials and read a lot of people’s ideas. I’ll just do my own exercise. Don’t say anything. You can apply for a patent. Natural recovery can’t win the Nobel Prize. In addition, if you want to reverse true myopia, it varies from person to person. Those with higher degrees had better have a fundus examination first, and then practice in combination with methods and guidance. Don’t practice blindly when you’re free, and it’s not recommended for children to practice. There are three choices for


myopia. The first is to wear glasses, the second is to reverse it by perseverance, and the third is to do laser surgery. Each choice has advantages and disadvantages. Although I chose the second way, I also took a lot of detours. There are a lot of messy things on the Internet, half true and half false, and many advertisements. Don’t try some strange methods. The real way to reverse myopia is only centralized exercise, relaxation and moderate blur for defocus induction. In addition, outdoor exercise and supplementary nutrition are assisted. It’s hard to reverse. I’m worried about whether I’ll rise every day. I always pay attention to the changes of vision and the adjustment direction and movement of eye muscles.


have been seen for a long time, which are very similar to what the doctor told me. I have done it for nearly two years, and my eyes have decreased from 800 to 420.


have been done for two months. I took out my previous 700 degree glasses and found that I can see 1.0, which should be reduced by 100 degrees. I am very happy (I didn’t do it before 800 degrees) may be because I am a minorSpeed up, I 14, this method is useful!! Top up for everyone to see.

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