Myopia becomes a “national disease”. Experts teach you correct prevention and treatment measures

Abstract: many parents are too nervous and anxious because their children have myopia, but some do not understand the harm of myopia, so that they fail to intervene effectively, and the degree of myopia is further deepened. So we need to have a clear understanding of the harm of myopia.

parents all over the world love their children and hope that their children can grow up healthily without glasses. However, most parents do not have a correct understanding of myopia. With the pressure of entering a higher school and the popularity of computers and smart phones related to life modernization, children and adolescents’ myopia tends to be younger and higher. At present, China has become a high incidence country of myopia.

true myopia cannot be recovered by drugs or other physical methods

parents: the child has myopia. Is it true myopia or false myopia? Can myopia be recovered by treatment?

doctor: clinically, myopia (myopia) refers to a refractive state in which the parallel light passes through the refractive system of the eye and falls in front of the retina when the eye is adjusted and relaxed. Myopia is divided into true myopia and false myopia: false myopia refers to the disappearance of myopia and the change into emmetropia or hyperopia after eye drops of atropine; However, the myopia degree of true myopia did not decrease or decreased less than 50 degrees after atropine. Pseudomyopia is a functional change, which can be corrected through drug treatment and reasonable eye hygiene habits, while true myopia has changed the structure of the eyeball, and the anterior and posterior diameter of the eyeball has become longer. It is impossible to recover through drugs or other physical methods. Therefore, there are many advertisements on the market for drugs that can cure myopia. Parents need to be vigilant.

high myopia has a certain genetic tendency

parents: why do parents have myopia, but children have it? If both parents have myopia, will the child be myopia in the future?

doctor: to understand these problems, we need to know that myopia is mainly determined by the following two factors. Genetic factors: the high incidence rate of myopia in the two parent families of high myopia is high. The high myopia has a certain genetic tendency. It is generally accepted that the genetic tendency of general myopia is not very obvious. Environmental factors: it plays a key role in the formation of myopia, such as too close to the eye, too long to use the eye, too strong or too weak lighting, reading while driving or walking, lying reading, etc. These bad eye habits are the risk factors of myopia.

myopia degree exceeds 600 degrees. Attention should be paid to

parents: what are the hazards of myopia?

doctor: many parents are too nervous and anxious because their children have myopia, but some are not aware of the harm of myopia, so that they fail to intervene effectively, and the degree of myopia is further deepened. So we need to have a clear understanding of the harm of myopia. First of all, eye health will be threatened. Myopia will make children more prone to visual fatigue. In the process of learning, it is easy to cause dry eyes, acid swelling and pain. Some even have difficulty concentrating and memory decline, resulting in low learning efficiency; Secondly, there will be a series of pathological changes in the eyes, The degree of myopia exceeds 600 degrees (high myopia). High myopia is often accompanied by poor night vision, flying mosquitoes, floating objects, flash sensation and other symptoms. At the same time, it is more prone to complications, such as retinal degeneration, holes, and even bleeding and retinal detachment. In severe cases, it can lead to blindness. Of course, for most patients within 600 degrees, there are no obvious pathological changes in the fundus of the eyes, so for mild to moderate myopia, it is better to go home Parents don’t have to be too nervous. For children with high myopia, they need to pay enough attention and check their fundus regularly in regular hospitals in order to find problems as soon as possible.

the increase of myopia with glasses is related to habits.

parents: how to treat children’s myopia? Do you have to wear glasses? Will the degree of myopia of children deepen further after wearing glasses? Dr.


: for children with true myopia, the most simple and effective way is to wear a pair of appropriate glasses. It should be emphasized that children under the age of 12 must have atropine mydriatic optometry. It is recommended to have glasses in a regular hospital.

myopia has nothing to do with wearing glasses. Indeed, some people with myopia have deepened their myopia after wearing glasses for a period of time, and have to re optometry and glasses. This is mainly because some people feel that everything is fine after matching glasses. When learning to read, they are still very close, and the reading time is too long, or they read while lying or walking, or in places with insufficient lighting. Over time, they also lead to eyesight fatigue and the degree of myopia increases continuously. So even if you wear glasses, you should pay more attention to eye hygiene.

it is not recommended to wear contact lenses for a long time.

parents: sometimes children find it inconvenient or ugly to wear glasses. Can they wear contact lenses?

doctor: contact lenses are also called corneal contact lenses. Children with good cornea and conjunctiva can consider wearing them occasionally, but it is not recommended to wear them for a long time, because long-term use of corneal contact lenses may cause complications such as corneal injury, conjunctivitis, corneal infection and so on. The saying that


OK mirrors can cure myopia is misleading to


parents: is OK mirror useful for children to treat myopia? Dr.


: the full name of OK lens in recent years is plastic corneal contact lens. It uses the shape of lens to quantitatively correct the radian of cornea, so as to temporarily reduce the myopia of eyes. Usually wearing it overnight can maintain good vision throughout the day. Myopia can get good far vision without glasses, which is the charm of OK glasses. However, if you stop wearing glasses, your eyes will slowly return to their original myopia.

therefore, under the current technical conditions, any claim that OK lens can cure myopia or permanently reduce the degree of myopia is misleading. However, some studies show that OK lens can control and delay the development of myopia, but more medical evidence is needed.

18 years oldThe following do not recommend surgical treatment for


parents: at present, children do not want to wear glasses. Can laser surgery be used?

doctor: for children under the age of 18, the adjustment state of the eyes is not stable, so surgery is not recommended. If the child has the desire to take off his glasses after the age of 18, the contraindications of surgery are excluded, and he can bear the risk of failure of laser surgery (the risk of surgery is small, but there is the possibility of vision rebound), surgical treatment can be considered.

in addition, some parents will be concerned about whether traditional Chinese medicine treatment, eye massage, ear acupuncture and plum blossom acupuncture can treat myopia. At present, we think these methods can improve visual fatigue, but there is no reliable evidence for myopia treatment.

strengthen the awareness of scientific eye use and correct the wrong eye use methods in time

parents: how to guide children to develop good eye use habits in daily life?

doctor: first of all, we should pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Strictly control children’s eye use time, teach children to use their eyes reasonably, and excessive use of mobile phones, iPads and other electronic products is likely to cause problems such as ametropia. To reduce the frequency and duration of looking close, generally have a 10 minute rest after 30-40 minutes of using your eyes. You can relax your eyes by overlooking or closing your eyes, watch more green plants or do eye exercises.

2. In the process of learning, children must be reminded to keep their sitting posture correct. Be upright and straight, keep the right distance, don’t bow down, cultivate their correct reading and writing posture, and don’t lie on the table or twist their body;

3. There should be appropriate light for writing and reading, and the light should be irradiated from the left. Do not read or write in too dark or too bright light to reduce the burden on students;

4. Children’s nutrition should also be maintained. They should not be picky and partial. They should eat more fruits and vegetables. Nutrition should be balanced so that their eyesight can develop well. They can eat more foods rich in alpha vitamins, various vegetables and animal liver, egg yolk, etc. Carrots contain vitamin B, which is good for eyes;

5. Don’t give children too much learning pressure. Encourage children to participate in outdoor activities after study every day to prevent the development of myopia. According to the latest research, children’s outdoor activities for more than 3 hours a day greatly reduce the probability of myopia;


in short, parents need to correct their children’s wrong eye use methods in time, strengthen their awareness of scientific eye use, care for their children’s health, take care of their eyes and start from an early age.