Myopia does not need glasses to teach you how to correct false myopia

Abstract: if there is no change in hyperopia, myopia or astigmatic refraction, and the child’s vision has significantly improved or returned to normal, this is pseudomyopia. Otherwise, it is true myopia.

can’t see the words on the blackboard? The line of sight began to blur? Does it mean myopia? Do you have to get glasses quickly? Don’t worry, most children’s myopia belongs to pseudomyopia, which is a kind of functional myopia caused by improper use of eyes, and the shape of eyes has not changed. Juvenile pseudomyopia can be recovered, but if some wrong eye methods are not corrected in time, it is easy to make it come true.

pseudomyopia and true myopia also have similarities: from the perspective of vision, pseudomyopia is also blurred hyperopia, and it is very clear to see near. However, there was no corresponding diopter change during optometry. True myopia is a pathological change of fundus, which is difficult to self-regulation and recovery. Moreover, the degree of true myopia is mostly medium and high myopia, which occurs and develops for a long time, and the patient’s eyeball appearance has different degrees of exophthalmos.


want to distinguish between true myopia and false myopia. Children can go to regular specialized hospitals and health vision centers for ophthalmic examination. Doctors will use mydriatic liquid to expand the pupils and optometry after ciliary muscle paralysis.

if there is no change in hyperopia, myopia or astigmatic refraction, and the child’s vision has significantly improved or returned to normal, this is pseudomyopia. Otherwise, it is true myopia. Glasses are not necessary for pseudomyopia; True myopia is an organic change, so you need to wear glasses under the guidance of professional doctors to correct your vision. How can


correct pseudomyopia?

correct sitting posture

for almost 100% of children, the factors inducing myopia or pseudomyopia are mostly related to incorrect sitting posture. Therefore, we must pay attention to the adjustment of posture in daily life. At the same time, the quality of the learning environment will also lead to the emergence of myopia. A good learning environment should not only be bright, but also pay attention to ensure quiet, so as to better help children learn efficiently.

in addition to cultivating children’s correct writing and reading posture, we should also pay attention to the distance and length of reading, watching TV and computer. When watching TV at home, pay attention to the height of the TV should be level with the line of sight, the distance between the eye and the fluorescent screen should not be less than 5 times the diagonal length of the fluorescent screen, and rest after watching TV for 1-1.5 hours.

at the same time, patients with pseudomyopia should also pay attention to one thing, that is, don’t read when lying, taking a car or walking. Learning doesn’t compete for a moment, but their eyes need to be taken care of every minute. Reading while lying or taking the car will not only seriously affect the health of vision, but also affect physical health and cause traffic accidents.


physiotherapy originated from Western alternative medicine in the 18th and 19th centuries. When people face the dilemma that many treatment methods in modern medicine can not effectively cure chronic diseases or toxic and side effects caused by drugs, as well as postoperative complications and other factors that can not be solved for a long time. Therefore, natural therapy can better apply the substances and methods directly related to human life. It is the most popular therapy away from myopia in China. The natural therapy of multi view health vision center adopts a pure natural and physical way to relax the adjustment of eyes, exercise eye muscles, and coordinate the functions of eyes and brain, so as to improve children’s vision. It can not only improve their sub-health status, enhance personal self-confidence and establish friendly interpersonal relationships, but also improve teaching literacy, treat myopia and realize their dreams.

pay attention to rest

after learning and writing for 1-2 hours, you should put down your books and have an appropriate rest, especially the rest of your eyes. In addition to closing your eyes for rest, you can also effectively rest your eyes by overlooking the distance. At the same time, overlooking can also adjust and relax your ciliary muscles.

food nourishes the eyes

most friends know that vitamin A can protect the eyes and prevent night blindness. But in fact, different tissues and parts of the eyes need different ingredients. Therefore, only by ensuring that children eat enough protein, enough vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin B, and enough calcium can they meet the needs of the eyes. Therefore, at ordinary times, we should pay attention to the baby’s balanced diet, achieve the combination of thickness and meat and vegetables, ensure the supplement of trace elements and vitamins, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits and seafood, and eat less candy and sweets.