Myopia has become a “national disease”! Myopia prevention and control needs correct strategies

Abstract: OK lens can reduce the degree of myopia due to the special inverse geometric design of the lens, which makes the corneal epithelium “migrate” and redistribute, forming a “concave lens” composed of corneal epithelium, temporarily changing the corneal morphology, correcting myopia and maintaining clear vision.

needs correct strategies in the prevention and control of juvenile myopia: before the occurrence of myopia, try to delay the occurrence of myopia through the establishment of refractive development files; After the occurrence of myopia, try to control the progression of myopia through various means.

according to the sampling survey results, the prevalence of myopia among children in Shanghai is 1.8% at the age of 3, 2.3% at the age of 4, 3.5% at the age of 5, 5.2% at the age of 6, 14.3% at the age of 7, 30.8% at the age of 8, 41.1% at the age of 9 and 52.2% at the age of 10.

myopia has almost become a “national disease”. The proportion of myopia in children and adolescents is increasing day by day. The prevention and control of myopia needs to be paid attention to. Many parents hold the misunderstanding that “myopia doesn’t matter. Anyway, they can be solved by laser surgery when they grow up”. This idea is obviously wrong. Parents should improve their understanding and attention to their children’s visual health, and correctly educate their children to develop good eye habits.

for children and adolescents who already have myopia, there are three ways to slow down the development of myopia.

01 ensure enough outdoor sports.

outdoor sports can certainly delay the development of myopia. Although outdoor exercise for more than 2 hours a day can play a role, it sounds easy, but it’s a little difficult to practice. Due to academic pressure and safety considerations, children don’t have enough time for outdoor activities.

02 wear corneal shaping lens (OK lens)

once there was a time when the OK lens was not OK at all. The main reason was that due to insufficient supervision, many unqualified institutions were blindly matching, and the nursing after matching was not standardized, resulting in the “sharp weapon” that could slow down the development of myopia, becoming a “killer” 。 There has been a crusade on the Internet. Some people say that OK mirror is a product that has long been eliminated in the United States.


OK lenses can reduce the degree of myopia, which stems from the special inverse geometric design of the lens, which makes the corneal epithelium “migrate” and redistribute, forming a “concave lens” composed of corneal epithelium, temporarily changing the corneal morphology, correcting myopia and maintaining clear vision. In terms of controlling the development of juvenile myopia, many studies have shown that wearing OK glasses can reduce the growth rate of myopia by 50% ~ 60%, which is the most effective of all optical correction methods.

it is worth noting that not everyone is suitable to wear OK glasses. With the younger age of the matching population and the expansion of the number of people, the safety of OK mirror can not be ignored. Keratoplasty is one of the most stringent medical behaviors stipulated by the State Food and drug administration. It needs qualified medical institutions, qualified fitting doctors, qualified lenses and qualified patients to succeed. Not all young people with myopia are suitable to wear corneal shaping glasses. The accuracy of screening and data measurement before fitting is particularly important. For the safety and effectiveness of wearing, it must be decided after strict screening and evaluation in formal medical institutions.

at the same time, the wearer should have good compliance and carry out correct glasses wearing, nursing and regular follow-up under the guidance of the doctor. The safe use of OK mirror is largely related to the user’s hygiene habits. The cleaning and disinfection procedures should be completed according to the specifications. Clinically, doctors have encountered parents washing OK mirrors with tap water, which is absolutely undesirable. If eye discomfort occurs during wearing, remove the lens immediately and see a doctor in time.

03 myopia surgery

minor surgery to correct myopia is completely undesirable. Teenagers under the age of 18 are prone to postoperative regression due to the undeveloped eyeball development. In addition, the eyeball is still changing. Early surgical intervention may have adverse effects.

for adults, surgery is the best choice if they want to restore vision. In the current full femtosecond smile operation, the postoperative visual acuity of patients almost does not retreat. The whole process of

full femtosecond smile operation is completed by femtosecond laser. A 3D microlens is gently scanned on the cornea with femtosecond laser, and then the myopia operation can be completed by taking out the lens through a 2mm micro edge incision with special micro tweezers. Minimize the interference to the corneal tissue structure, so that the postoperative response is lighter, there is almost no regression, and the postoperative dry eye phenomenon is less.

of course, this kind of operation also has indications. At present, it is mainly suitable for people with myopia below 1000 degrees, astigmatism below 600 degrees or myopia plus astigmatism below 1000 degrees who are over 18 years old and whose diopter state is relatively stable for more than 2 years and who have the desire to improve their diopter state (take off mirror) through surgery.