Myopia has dropped from 800 degrees to 100 degrees now. I am 25 years old

Recovery, and

at this stage, you can start to reduce the degree of glasses. How much to reduce: in my personal experience, 100 ~ 150 degrees is more appropriate. The reason to reduce the degree of glasses by 150 degrees is to ensure sufficient telephoto ability and consider the bearing capacity of the eyes. Question about glasses: about price: in the process of self-healing of my eyesight, I changed a total of 6 glasses and went to a medium-sized glasses store, which is very close to the school, so it’s very cheap. Due to the number of glasses, I became familiar with the boss slowly. With a pair of glasses, lenses and frames, a total of about 100 yuan. It should be noted that this is the price of secondary cities. Glasses are a profiteering industry. It is said that the cost of a pair of ordinary glasses is less than 5 yuan. About optometry: if you want to reduce the degree, you must know your current visual acuity and ensure accurate optometry. You must go to a reliable hospital or glasses shop for optometry, Optometrists must have optometrist qualification certificate (optometrist qualification certificate is mainly divided into intermediate optometrist qualification certificate and senior optometrist qualification certificate), and do not optometrize in unreliable places. In addition, they can only reduce the diopter of lenses, and do not reduce other astigmatism. If there is anisometropia (anisometropia is defined as “anisometropia” when there is a significant difference in the nature or degree of refractive status of both eyes. — Practical Ophthalmology The Second Edition), that is, if there is a large difference in the degree of myopia in both eyes, the degree of myopia in both eyes can be gradually close in the process of recovery. If the difference between my eyes is 50 degrees, gradually make the degrees of the two lenses consistent. Both eyes of my last glasses are – 1.5D, i.e. 150 degrees. About glasses: don’t abandon the glasses used before: low power glasses will make your eyes tired and inevitably reduce your far vision. If you need good far vision for going out or specific work, you must wear glasses with normal refraction. That’s why I left so many glasses. Self healing cycle and self-healing process: each time a pair of glasses is changed, that is, the drop of 100 ~ 150 degrees is a cycle, and a cycle is divided into three stages. The first stage, adaptation stage: this stage is the most painful. Just wearing low-power glasses requires a stable environment. At this time, the glasses are not suitable for low-power glasses. Especially in the first week, it is easy to produce visual fatigue. Therefore, this stage can be used alternately with the previous glasses in time to gradually adapt to low-power glasses, At the same time, vision is gradually recovering. Usually adapt to a month. The second stage, recovery stage: it usually lasts for 2 ~ 3 months. Stick to the skills practiced before, and the eyes will be gradually clear. The third stage, closing stage: that is, the last month, which will overlap with the first stage. It is characterized by vision recovery, generally when the vision reaches 4.7 ~ 4.8. And because the eyes gradually adapt to the glasses, the recovery speed will slow down. At this time, you can go to the glasses store to match a pair of glasses, and then reduce the glasses by 100 ~ 150 degrees.


appropriate practice scenario: scenario 1: computer experience tells us that working with computers and surfing the Internet for a long time will damage our eyesight and aggravate eye fatigue. Is this really the case? According to my experience, the main reason why the long-term face of the computer will cause visual fatigue and vision loss is the wrong habit of using the eyes and the strong brightness of the display screen. If you don’t change the habit of seeing close, even reading non light source physical books will cause vision loss. In fact, I have to face the computer for more than 15 hours every day. I can even say frankly that my eyesight gradually recovers only by facing the computer for a long time. How to use the computer correctly: 1. To select the appropriate display, you must use the LCD. First of all, LCD has inherent advantages in preventing radiation, because it has no radiation at all. In terms of electromagnetic wave prevention, LCD also has its own unique advantages. It adopts strict sealing technology to close a small amount of electromagnetic wave from the driving circuit in the display. In order to dissipate heat, ordinary displays must contact the internal circuit with air as much as possible, so that a large number of electromagnetic waves generated by the internal circuit will “leak” to the outside. Secondly, since each point of the LCD keeps that color and brightness and emits light constantly after receiving the signal, Unlike cathode ray tube displays (CRT) it needs to constantly refresh the bright spots. Therefore, the LCD has high image quality and will never flicker, so as to minimize eye fatigue. 2. Reduce the brightness of the LCD. Even if the LCD is used, too much brightness will cause vision fatigue and even other eye diseases, such as keratitis. I use a notebook. Generally speaking, the brightness of the LCD will jump To the lowest one. That is, the closer it is to reading physical books indoors during the day, the brightness of the pages can be. 3. Change the theme and software background of the computer, change the desktop wallpaper, and choose the cool wallpaper. The closer it is to black, the better. If you are still using the windows default “blue sky, white clouds and green grass” wallpaper, be sure to change it. The system theme should also choose the theme of cold color, and the black one is the best. Change the appearance, right-click the desktop > Properties > advanced appearance, and change the corresponding white appearance to gray as much as possible. My job is mechanical drawing. I face CAD software every day. Because most of the CAD software has a black background, it also reduces the damage to my eyes to a certain extent. When reading a novel, try to choose the corresponding TXT reading tool instead of opening the text document directly. You can use the full screen and set the background and font color. My setting is gray on a black background, The font size should be larger (the font size should be larger than size 4). The setting of the Readbook used: 4. Practice facing the computer: wear glasses with reduced degrees, face the computer screen, find the fuzzy critical point (i.e. see the blurred boundary), and then use the method of pressing the eyeball to make the line of sight clear, lasting for 30 ~ 60 seconds, relax for half a minute, and then continue to practice Take a break when you feel pain. You can look into the distance or take a rest in a dark place for a period of time. Through the above exercises, you can gradually see clearly. Finally, you can compress your eyes back to the normal level and reduce the degree of your glasses. Scene 2: look into the distance. Develop the habit of looking into the distance. Try to look into the distance when it is cloudy or when the sun is blocked by clouds, because you have seen strong light for a long time Can irritate eyes and cause injury. The effect of practicing skills is the best when looking into the distance, because looking into the distance is the best relaxation for the eyes. About habits