Myopia is an eye disease, do you know?

Abstract: rapid development period: from birth to 3 years old, The ocular axis is 16mm ~ 19.5mm (hyperopia). Chronic development period: 3 ~ 8 years old, the ocular axis is 19.5mm ~ 23mm. The elongation of the ocular axis is the main reason for the development of myopia. For every 1mm extension of the ocular axis, myopia increases by 300 degrees

Myopia is also an ophthalmic disease, especially high myopia will bring pathological changes of the eyeball, which will affect our normal work and study. Therefore, I hope you will pay attention to the prevention of myopia if there is no myopia. If you get myopia, use scientific methods to control the deepening of myopia and avoid the development of high myopia.

  1. Overview of eyeball development


rapid development period: from birth to 3 years old, The axis of the eye is 16mm ~ 19.5mm (hyperopia). Chronic development period: 3 ~ 8 years old, the axis of the eye is 19.5mm ~ 23mm. The elongation of the axis of the eye is the main reason for the development of myopia. For every 1mm extension of the axis of the eye, myopia increases by 300 degrees

. 2. Visual acuity standard

1 year old: 0.2 ~ 0.25

2 ~ 3 years old: 0.5 ~ 0.6 (4.7 ~ 4.8)

4-5 years old: 0.6-0.8 (4.8-4.9)

over 6-8 years old: 0.8-1.0 (4.9-5.0)

different from the above standards indicate that there may be ametropia

3. What is myopia?

When the eye is adjusted and stationary, the parallel light from 6 meters away can not accurately form a clear image on the retina after passing through the refractive system of the eye, which is called myopia.

  4. Why myopia? According to the research of the


genetic factors


, the incidence rate of myopia in the next generation is high in the families with high myopia, and the genetic tendency of myopia has been recognized, especially for high myopia. However, the genetic tendency of general myopia is not very obvious.

environmental factors

(1) too much close eye use: reading, playing with computers, playing with mobile phones and other

(2) bad visual environment: too strong or too dark light, reading in a bumpy environment.

(3) bad eye habits: incorrect writing posture, too close reading distance

(4) little outdoor sports

5 How to prevent myopia?

establish refractive development files

select age: 3-12 years old

examination items: mydriatic optometry once half a year, accurate eye axis measurement

select location: professional medical behavior subjective and other optometry have comprehensive optometry Storage data of medical optometry


: computer informatization


6 Significance of establishing refractive development files

abnormal development was found (hyperopia is too few and the eye axis is too long) timely intervention can be intervened and prevented in the hyperopia stage. Once true myopia occurs irreversibly, it can delay the formation of myopia and truly prevent myopia. It can find abnormal refraction and strabismus amblyopia in time, take measures as soon as possible, and find out whether infants have eye diseases in time.

  7. Outdoor activities

during outdoor activities, the sunlight in contact with children’s eyes and body can promote the human body to secrete more dopamine, effectively inhibit the growth of eyeballs, so as to inhibit the occurrence and development of myopia. Secondly, the light intensity of outdoor sports is high, which reduces the pupil and deepens the depth of field, so as to increase the clarity of visual objects and delay the development of myopia.

  8. Correct sitting posture


take a foot of the pen, a fist on the table, an inch away from the book, use your eyes closely, and rest for 10 minutes every hour.

common misconceptions

1 Can myopia be treated?

at present, all myopia therapeutic instruments on the Chinese market are deceptive, which will only make myopia deeper and deeper, wasting children’s time and parents’ money

2 There are many myopia therapeutic instruments?

myopia, once formed, leads to vision loss. Wearing glasses is the simplest and effective way to control vision.

  3. Do not wear glasses too early for myopia? The continuous increase in the myopia degree of


is mainly caused by the excessive development of children’s eyeballs, not the result of wearing glasses. If they do not wear glasses or the degree of wearing is lower than their true myopia degree, they will deepen faster.

  4. Will glasses wear deeper and deeper?

the vast majority of myopia is an irreversible result caused by the lengthening of the ocular axis.

  5. With glasses, lower the degree and wear glasses only in class?

children’s eyes are used to see the world, not just the blackboard. In most cases, glasses should be worn all day.