Myopia is easy to be inherited, and prevention is the key

Abstract: myopia has genetic factors, which has been recognized by most ophthalmologists. Experts from Chengdu Aier ophthalmic hospital pointed out that although myopia is easy to inherit, if you can reasonably protect your eyes, you can effectively prevent or even avoid myopia.

as the saying goes, “if you plant a melon, you get a melon, if you plant a bean, you get a bean”. This is the simplest interpretation of heredity. With the growing population of myopia, will myopia be inherited? When the sclera of our eyeball is formed, there is a signal indicating whether it should be long or short. This signal comes from heritable genes.

myopia is easy to be inherited. Prevention is the key.

at present, more than 90% of myopia is axial myopia. That is, professionally speaking, the ocular axis is long, while hyperopia is the opposite. For every 300 degrees, the ocular axis will increase by 1 mm compared with the normal ocular axis. The height or height of the eyeball is also genetic, but we can’t see it with the naked eye, and some people have early hair and some people have late hair. If both parents are highly myopic (more than 600 degrees), the probability of children’s high myopia is very high.

We can often hear many doctors kindly remind: “you are highly myopic and may be passed on to the next generation.” Therefore, myopic parents are most afraid to hear the news that their children are also myopic. Young parents with myopia should take their children to check their eyesight regularly before they go to school, so as to find out whether their children have myopia as soon as possible, so as to prevent myopia early.

Chengdu Aier ophthalmologists pointed out that even if myopia has genetic factors, most students can avoid or reduce the degree of myopia if they can cultivate the awareness of caring for their eyes, pay attention to eye hygiene and strengthen eye health care. Under normal circumstances, a child’s vision can reach the level close to that of an adult when he is two years old. Parents can basically confirm his vision level before his child goes to school. At present, many parents only start to pay attention to their eyesight from their children’s physical examination after they go to school. Experts suggest that as long as their children can read and read, and have more opportunities to use their eyes closer, parents should take him to check his eyesight regularly, at least once every six months, so as to find signs of myopia and correct it in time.

in terms of myopia prevention, in addition to paying attention to eye hygiene, we should seize every opportunity to relax our eyes, Often look at the scenery 5 meters away (preferably green trees), comprehensive and balanced nutrition is also the foundation of eye health. Only comprehensive nutrition can ensure the thickness and “firmness” of eye wall, so it is not easy to have myopia. The lack of trace elements such as zinc and iron in the body is also one of the reasons for children’s myopia, especially zinc. Parents should let children eat zinc rich foods such as meat 。