Myopia needs to be prepared before passing the physical examination

Abstract: during the reception, it was found that many patients with myopia could not perform surgery immediately because of some “small conditions”, such as visual fatigue, inflammation and so on. It’s best to do myopia preoperative examination in advance and reserve a buffer period for yourself.

go to the hospital in advance to check the naked eye vision.


are mainly aimed at many friends with low myopia or without glasses. They feel that their eyes are OK in life. Only when they have a visual examination will they find that their naked vision is not up to standard at all.


do a good job in the preoperative examination of myopia in advance.


found during the reception that many myopia patients could not be operated immediately because of some “small conditions” after the preoperative examination, such as visual fatigue, inflammation, etc. It’s best to do myopia preoperative examination in advance and reserve a buffer period for yourself.

several important preoperative examination items:

1. Refractive examination: refractive measurement is the basic content of studying myopia. There are many methods, the main one is optometry. Through certain methods to measure the refractive state and refractive degree.

2. External eye examination: check the dominant eye. The dominant eye, also known as the dominant eye, is the eye that selects the gaze line direction among the two eyes, that is, the eye that dominates the gaze direction.

3. Corneal thickness measurement: the corneal thickness is calculated by measuring the distance between the two peaks generated by the two reflections of ultrasound with a corneal thickness gauge. Corneal thickness measurement is an important determinant before laser surgery.

4. Corneal topography: it is used to analyze the corneal integrity, anterior surface and corneal curvature. It can confirm the keratoconus that cannot be operated. It can also check the corneal thickness, pupil size, astigmatism, etc.

5. Slit lamp examination: observe all levels of eyelid, lacrimal apparatus, tear, conjunctiva, cornea, iris, pupil and part of lens, and eliminate external eye diseases affecting optometry and refractive surgery.

  6、 Tear film rupture time measurement (but): the normal time is 15-45 seconds; less than 10 seconds is morbid. The purpose of this examination is to eliminate dry eye.

for myopia surgery, we should pay close attention to

If you decide to do myopia surgery, you must arrange enough time in advance, make comprehensive preparations and perform surgery in advance, so as to help your vision recover to its best state.

if you consider receiving refractive surgery, you must first judge whether your basic conditions meet:

1. You are over 18 years old (under 18 years old in special cases, such as high hyperopia and anisometropia);

2. The diopter is relatively stable in recent two years (the diopter change is preferably within 100 degrees within two years);

3. No organic diseases, no active inflammation, good health, no serious diseases and mental health;

preoperative preparation

preoperative examination. Preoperative examination must be passed to ensure the smooth completion of the operation.

please stop wearing contact lenses for at least one week before operation.

please do fixation training before operation.


methods: lie on your back, look at the light source or object 30cm above, and keep your eyes stationary for more than 1 minute.


it is forbidden to use pungent odor items.


laser should be forbidden to use toilette and perfume on the same day.

drop eye drops as directed by your doctor.

please drop antibiotic eye drops according to the doctor’s advice before operation.

do not use other drugs without the doctor’s permission.

inform the doctor in advance of preoperative discomfort.

if you have a cold or special discomfort before operation, please inform the doctor so that we can deal with it as appropriate. Female friends, please try to avoid surgery during menstruation.

pay attention to rest and keep clean.

do not stay up late the day before operation, relax and keep enough sleep. Please take a bath the day before operation and keep clean. Eat easily digestible food properly on the day of operation. Do not eat on an empty stomach or in excess.