Myopia prevention and control – is supplementary eye nutrition the key?

Abstract: when children use mobile phones and computers, the distance is very close, and the ciliary muscles of the eyes are often in a state of adjustment tension. The children’s eyes are very fragile. If the time is too long, it will lead to adjustment spasm and induce pseudomyopia. Pseudomyopia will gradually develop into myopia and then to high myopia. High myopia will cause retinal detachment, and the consequences are unimaginable.

the rate of myopia and poor vision of Chinese students continues to rise. Due to the heavy learning burden of primary and secondary school students and the popularity of TV and Internet, the “four eye” students have also become the “strong group” of the school. Myopia is the most prominent problem endangering the health of Chinese students, which has attracted extensive attention from all walks of life. The incidence rate of myopia in China is ranked fourth in the world in 1998, according to statistics of relevant departments,




in ancient Chinese literature search. In 2002, it rapidly rose to the second place in the world, second only to Japan. The national sampling monitoring results of myopia prevention and control of primary and secondary school students in that year showed that the myopia rate of primary school students was 26.96%, that of junior middle school students was 53.43%, and that of senior high school students was more than 72%, which was still rising. The latest data show that: at present, the incidence rate of juvenile myopia in China is 50% to 60%, and it still ranks second in the world. However, the number of people with acute myopia has jumped to the top of the world, and the high school students in some areas even reach an alarming ratio of 80%.

why does the eye have myopia? Why is the incidence of myopia rising year by year?


electronic screens almost occupy children’s childhood.


children are very close when using mobile phones and computers. The ciliary muscles of the eyes are often in a state of adjustment tension. The children’s eyes are very fragile. If the time is too long, it will lead to adjustment spasm and induce pseudomyopia. Pseudomyopia will gradually develop into myopia and then high myopia, High myopia causes retinal detachment, and the consequences are unimaginable.

the fragile retina is attacked by blue light.

we look for light with our eyes, but light takes away the health of our eyes. The reason why we can see the beautiful world is that the light of the object enters the eye and falls on the macula of the retina after focusing and imaging through the lens. After feeling the stimulation of light, the visual cells generate signals and transmit them to the brain, so we have the feeling of “light”.

in the process of feeling “light”, what we can’t feel is that the retinal macula is being eroded by the blue light in the light. There is high-energy visible blue light in the electronic screen light. The development of the macular region of children’s eye retina is not perfect and fragile. Long term exposure to blue light and insufficient lutein supplementation will cause damage to the optic nerve and retina. Once the optic nerve is damaged, it will never be repaired, and the damage to children’s vision is also lifelong.

what is protecting our eyes?


eyes image at the fundus through the convex lens principle. The focus falls on the macular area of the retina. A large amount of lutein accumulates in the macula to absorb the harmful light entering the eyes – ultraviolet and blue light, but it also consumes itself. Scientists have tested that lutein in eye tissue will be reduced after continuous high-intensity eye use for an hour. The lack of lutein in


will lead to vision loss. Lutein in


cannot be synthesized in the body, but light consumes a lot of lutein every day. When the supplement of lutein is insufficient, the macula is in an unprotected state. In order not to be poisoned, the eyes can only adopt the method of avoiding, and strive to adjust the eyeball to keep the macula away from the focus of light. As a result of the adjustment, the anterior and posterior diameter of the eyeball becomes longer, the visual imaging falls in front of the macula, and myopia appears in this way. It is also the root of eye fatigue to adjust the eyes and avoid eye light poisoning.

short-term deformation caused by eyeball regulation is pseudomyopia. At this time, timely supplement of lutein can restore normal vision. However, if it is not supplemented in time to eliminate the root cause of photopoisoning, especially after wearing glasses to correct refraction, the degree of myopia will continue to increase.

in the early stage of myopia, the degree of myopia is generally not high, but after wearing the eyes, the degree of myopia will rise rapidly in a short time until adulthood, This is because the eyes repeat the following process:

low lutein level in macula → decreased self-protection ability of macula → eyeball lengthening → myopia → glasses → refocusing → eyeball lengthening → myopia deepening…

2006 authoritative research journal of Ophthalmology IOVs A published study confirmed the relationship between lutein level in macula and myopia: the higher the myopia, the lower the lutein level in macula. Other studies have shown that for true myopia, the ocular axis has become longer. Taking lutein can not restore the change of ocular axis, but can prevent the further growth of myopia.

“natural Sunglasses”

children who can protect their eyes during the development of the visual system, The fundus of the eye (especially the macular region of the retina) is the most vulnerable to external damage. Therefore, during childhood and adolescence, children with normal or poor vision should pay attention to the protection of the fundus of the eye.

Lutein – the main essential component of the macular region of the retina, filters high-energy light and visible blue light that are extremely harmful to the eyes, resists the damage of harmful light to the fundus of the eyes, reduces the probability of eye oxidation and prevents the decline of vision;


lutein supplementation is equivalent to adding a pair of “natural Sunglasses” in the body, which will restore the normal vision of the vast majority of teenagers with pseudomyopia and weakness.


lutein can not be synthesized in the human body and can only be supplemented externally.


during the development of children’s vision, nutrition is very important, but absorption is more important. How to make the fundus better absorb the necessary nutrients?


are Anthocyanins Extracted from blueberry, which can remove free radicals in the eyes caused by harmful light (blue light and ultraviolet light), promote fundus microcirculation, allow the required nutrients to enter the fundus better, and promote the development of visual system. At the same time, good microcirculation can improve the tired and stiff ciliary muscles and prevent myopia.