Myopia reversal case sharing

after one year’s efforts, our children’s eyesight has recovered well, but this summer’s eyesight has decreased again. It’s heartache. After thinking about it, I feel that the reason lies in the habit of using eyes on the one hand, and too nervous on the other. As soon as the child left my supervision, he returned to the original state, too far away and too few. There were too many people at home throughout the summer vacation. The children were always quarrelling with their brothers and sisters, and their thoughts were too nervous. There is no complete rest at night. Don’t relax at all. Tension does make your eyesight worse. When I found the reason, I began to adjust her life. It should be effective. Now my eyesight has improved a little. That means I’m right. I now feel that it is very important for children to develop good eye habits. Combined with visual training, the effect should be good. Of course, strengthening physique and nutrition is the main premise. So I now ask my children three points: nutrition, physique and habits. It’s important to relax. On the premise of relaxing children as much as possible, I now focus on cultivating children’s good eye habits, followed by visual training. The results are being observed. As for the habit of using eyes, I urge children to do these aspects in life and study: first, it must be done to “see clearly and as far as possible”; 2、 “Always look far, that is, don’t look close when you can look far” must be done; 3、 Conscious or unconscious “alternating distance and distance” must be done; 4、 When looking at things, “relax, centralize and move” should be done. In terms of visual training, I focus on alleviating visual fatigue. We mainly cover our eyes, sunbathing, light and shade, expand our chest, pinch our ears, pat, look far, turn an eye, meter word, pour 8, corner exercises, look far and near, and so on. The teacher requires to read extra-curricular books for 20 minutes every day. Therefore, when reading, increase the reading distance to see clearly and as far as possible; When doing homework, you should sit upright and straighten your arms to read and write; When writing new words, I enlarge and paste the new words to be written on the wall 5 meters away. The child should not only lower his head to do his homework, but also look up at the new words, so that he can read them from far to near. This is what we are now. We don’t know what will happen. Every time my child’s eyesight drops, I feel heartache and remorse. I dare not relax and give up. Get up where you fall, pat the dust on your body and move on. You have no choice.

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