Myopia treatment, appropriate is the best

Abstract: Generally speaking, simple myopia can be corrected by frame glasses, contact lenses or laser surgery. The situation of pathological myopia is different. Patients not only have poor vision, but also often have fundus complications; Therefore, the treatment of pathological myopia has always been a difficulty.

any small change in the complex organ of the eye may lead to a series of vision problems. In today’s society, myopia is becoming more and more common, but many people don’t pay attention to it. They think that a pair of glasses can solve the dilemma of blurred vision. Why make a mountain out of a molehill?

but is the problem really that simple? We all know that glasses are the product of poor vision. Different vision problems need to wear different glasses. However, the causes of vision problems caused by heredity and acquired poor eye use are very different, so the solutions are also different; Such a fact is rarely known.

generally speaking, simple myopia can usually be corrected by frame glasses, contact lenses or laser surgery. The situation of pathological myopia is different. Patients not only have poor vision, but also often have fundus complications; Therefore, the treatment of pathological myopia has always been a difficulty.


under the pressure of fast-paced life and work, in order to avoid the influence of frame glasses on normal life and study, people began to choose laser surgery to resolve the trouble of myopia “once and for all”. In fact, laser surgery has developed for so many years and made some progress: PRK, LASIK, LASEK and femtosecond laser have helped patients who do not want to wear glasses to a great extent and let them get rid of the shackles of frame glasses.

however, although laser surgery can help myopia patients remove their glasses and restore their vision, it also has certain limitations and risks. This limitation depends on the patient’s physique and eye conditions, and the risk comes from minor mistakes in the operation and postoperative complications.

it is worth mentioning that laser surgery can correct high myopia to a certain extent and restore vision, but it can not play a practical role in controlling pathological myopia. In fact, it is the principle of laser surgery that determines its limitations. The principle of


laser surgery is to cut the concave convex part of the corneal surface of the eye by cold laser, so as to reduce the radian of the corneal surface, reduce the refractive power of the eye, and then restore the patient’s good vision. However, there are two reasons for the formation of myopia. Ametropia is only one of them. The other is the excessive extension of the anterior and posterior axis of the eyeball, which is also the main reason for the formation of myopia. Therefore, from the pathogenesis of myopia, laser surgery can not fundamentally control the development of myopia.

in fact, it is not necessary to “follow others” when choosing myopia treatment methods. Now that laser surgery has almost become a “trend”, patients should consider and choose carefully. For example, whether they can bear the risks brought by the operation, the consumption of human and financial resources before and after the operation, and the corresponding physical and mental burden; Combined with their specific condition, comprehensively consider a personalized treatment scheme that is most suitable for themselves.

as mentioned above, there are many ways to correct myopia. Surgery is one of them. Of course, there are also non-surgical treatment methods. Its curative effect is not inferior to laser surgery. The most important thing is – safe and efficient, that is, the corneal shaping technology in line with international standards. Compared with laser surgery, corneal shaping technology can not only help patients recover good naked vision, but also control the development of myopia from the source.

corneal shaping lens technology is used to treat myopia by wearing corneal shaping lens at night. The corneal shaping lens made by the corneal shaping lens technology directly prevents the growth of the eye axis from the front through the action of the upper eye face. At the same time, the corneal radian is corrected to prevent the cornea from protruding forward and make the cornea more flat, so as to reduce the degree of myopia and control the development of myopia.


corneal shaping lenses made by corneal shaping lens technology are different from traditional corneal shaping lenses. They are designed for people. The lens parameters of each patient are obtained through professional digital measurement according to the actual situation of the patient’s eyes. This digital measurement avoids the error in the artificial trial evaluation of ordinary corneal shaping lenses, So that each lens is a model of complete anastomosis with the patient’s cornea, and the safety factor is very high.


corneal shaping lens technology has been original for 15 years, and there are hundreds of thousands of members at present. Many patients have recovered their good naked vision after lens removal through corneal plastic lens technology. After some patients with medium and high myopia are treated with corneal plastic lens technology, the degree of myopia develops very slowly every year. This strong ability to control the development of myopia not only stabilizes the vision of these patients, but also greatly reduces the probability of myopia complications.

now summer is coming to an end, and autumn is slowly coming to us. In view of the troubles of wearing glasses in cold weather, many myopia patients want to take off their glasses before the weather turns cold completely. For them, corneal shaping lens technology is undoubtedly a very suitable choice. The corneal shaping lens matched by the corneal shaping lens technology only needs the patient to wear the lens before going to bed at night and take the lens in the morning. In this way, myopia patients do not have to worry about fogging their lenses in winter. Compared with the situation that wearing ordinary corneal shaping glasses during the day is not suitable for eating hot pot, the advantage of wearing them at night can also make them eat hot pot and spend a warm winter.

when the weather is cold, people exercise less, overuse their eyes is more common, the degree of myopia is easy to aggravate, and wearing frame glasses also has a lot of trouble. Corneal plastic lens technology adopts non-surgical treatment of myopia, which is safe and efficient. It is your choice worthy of consideration.