Myopia treatment

Abstract: according to the relevant findings, the incidence rate of myopia is increasing gradually. With the increase of grade, the abnormal visual acuity rate increases gradually at the rate of 5% per year.

1. Visumax full femtosecond


1. Students and art candidates


art candidates have high pursuit for future career and quality of life, and require more perfect visual quality. “Full femtosecond” is the best choice.


2. Airmen, military personnel and police recruiters


have strict requirements for visual acuity assessment, and the training and work intensity are high. The “full femtosecond” valveless technology has strong impact resistance, and the cornea is not easy to shift under external force.


3. Drivers and civil servants


have high requirements for intraoperative comfort due to their pursuit of high-quality visual quality. “Full femtosecond” is more suitable for this kind of people in terms of perfection and safety.

2. Femtosecond all laser

1. The operation time is shorter.

Da Vinci femtosecond laser frequency is faster, nearly 20 times faster than the current domestic traditional femtosecond. At the same time, due to the small bubbles generated, there is no need to wait after the corneal flap is made, and the excimer operation procedure can be entered immediately.

2. The operation process is more comfortable, and the negative pressure suction time required by

Da Vinci femtosecond laser is shorter; The patient does not need to fix the head strictly for a long time; There is no need to change the lying position. The whole operation process is completed at one go and more humanized.

  3、 Less loss to surrounding tissues

Da Vinci femtosecond laser is a small spot laser (< 2 microns), requiring less energy and less damage to surrounding tissues, which basically eliminates the problem of corneal flap edema caused by tissue damage.

4. Faster recovery

Da Vinci femtosecond laser can protect cell integrity to a greater extent, make the corneal flap closer to the original ecology, and recover faster after operation.